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Carichon, F., & Caporossi, G. (2023). An history of relevance in unsupervised summarization. (Technical Report n° G-2023-53). External link


Coelho, E. P. R., Alves, R. J. M., Paiva, M. H. M., Rocha, H. R. O., Caporossi, G., & Segatto, M. E. V. (2022). Topological multi-contingency screening based on current flow betweenness. Electric Power Systems Research, 203, 107609. External link


Audet, C., Caporossi, G., & Jacquet, S. (2020). Binary, unrelaxable and hidden constraints in blackbox optimization. Operations Research Letters, 48(4), 467-471. External link

Audet, C., Caporossi, G., & Jacquet, S. (2020). Constraint scaling in the mesh adaptive direct search algorithm. Pacific Journal of Optimization, 16, 595-610. External link


Frascolla, V., Dominicini, C. K., Paiva, M. H. M., Caporossi, G., Marotta, M. A., Ribeiro, M. R. N., Segatto, M. E. V., Martinello, M., Monteiro, M. E., & Both, C. B. (2019). Optimizing C-RAN Backhaul Topologies: A Resilience-Oriented Approach Using Graph Invariants. Applied Sciences, 9(1), 136 (17 pages). Available

Bécotte-Boutin, H.-S., Caporossi, G., Hertz, A., & Leblay, C. (2019). Writing and rewriting: the colored numerical visualization of Keystroke logging. In Lingdgren, E., & Sullivan, K. P. H. (eds.), Observing writing: insights from Keystroke logging and handwriting (96-114). External link


Inaba, F. K., Teatini Salles, E. O., Perron, S., & Caporossi, G. (2018). DGR-ELM-distributed generalized regularized ELM for classification. Neurocomputing, 275, 1522-1530. External link

Hansen, P., Aouchiche, M., Caporossi, G., Hertz, A., & Sellal, C. (2018). Mixed integer programming and extremal chemical graphs. International Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Systems, 3, 22-30. External link


Hansen, P., Hertz, A., Sellal, C., Vukičević, D., Aouchiche, M., & Caporossi, G. (2017). Edge realizability of connected simple graphs. Match-Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry, 78(3), 689-712. External link

Altinakar, S., Caporossi, G., & Hertz, A. (2017). Symmetry breaking constraints for the minimum deficiency problem. Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications, 21(2), 195-218. External link


Neveu, F., Bécotte-Boutin, H.-S., Caporossi, G., Hertz, A., Leblay, C., Bergounioux, G., Côté, M. H., Fournier, J. M., Hriba, L., & Prévost, S. (2016). Analyse automatique des données scripturales prétraitées par des outils de visualization. SHS Web of Conferences, 27, 06001 (18 pages). Available

Altinakar, S., Caporossi, G., & Hertz, A. (2016). A comparison of integer and constraint programming models for the deficiency problem. Computers & Operations Research, 68, 89-96. External link


Altinakar, S., Caporossi, G., & Hertz, A. (2011). On compact k-edge-colorings: A polynomial time reduction from linear to cyclic. Discrete Optimization, 8(3), 502-512. External link


Caporossi, G., & Hansen, P. (2000). Variable neighborhood search for extremal graphs: 1 The AutoGraphiX system. Discrete Mathematics, 212(1-2), 29-44. External link

Hansen, P., & Caporossi, G. (2000). AutoGraphiX: An Automated System for Finding Conjectures in Graph Theory. Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 5, 158-161. External link

Caporossi, G. (2000). Découverte par ordinateur en théorie des graphes [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available

Caporossi, G., Hansen, P., & Zheng, M. (1998, March). Enumeration of fusenes to h=20 [Paper]. DIMACS Workshop on Discrete Mathematical Chemistry, Rutgers, New Brunswick. External link


Gutman, I., Miljkovic, O., Caporossi, G., & Hansen, P. (1999). Alkanes with small and large Randić connectivity indices. Chemical Physics Letters, 306(5-6), 366-372. External link

Caporossi, G., Cvetković, D., Gutman, I., & Hansen, P. (1999). Variable Neighborhood Search for Extremal Graphs. 2. Finding Graphs with Extremal Energy. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 39(6), 984-996. External link

Caporossi, G., Gutman, I., & Hansen, P. (1999). Variable neighborhood search for extremal graphs: IV: Chemical trees with extremal connectivity index. Computers & Chemistry, 23(5), 469-477. External link


Caporossi, G., & Hansen, P. (1998). Enumeration of Polyhex Hydrocarbons to h = 21. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 38(4), 610-619. External link

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