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Arzate, A. (2002, September). Non-contact coating process : a hydrodynamic approach communication [Paper]. International Coating Science and Technology Symposium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Unavailable

Arzate, A., Farand, P., & Beaudoin, M. (2020, October). Learning data acquisition in chemical engineering during COVID-19 [Paper]. Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CCEC 2021). Unavailable

Arzate, A. (2014, August). Inline determination of protein, fa and lactose contents in milk : a novel spectroscopic approach for monitoring and controlling the milk processing [Poster]. 17th World Congress of Food Science and Technology, Montreal, Qc, Canada. Unavailable

Arzate, A., & Tanguy, P. A. (2005). Hydrodynamics of liquid jet application in high-speed jet coating: Newtonian and shear-thinning fluids. Chemical Engineering Research & Design, 83(2 A), 111-125. External link

Arzate, A., & Tanguy, P. A. (2005). Wetting contact line modeling in high-speed jet coating. Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal, 20(2), 217-226. External link

Arzate, A., & Tanguy, P. A. (2004). Air Entrainment on a Moving Continuous Web. Chemical Engineering Science, 59(17), 3527-3536. External link

Arzate, A., Reglat, O., & Tanguy, P. A. (2004). Determination of in-line process viscosity using static mixers. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 15(2), 77-85. External link

Arzate, A. (2004). Étude hydrodynamique du couchage du papier par jet [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available

Arzate, A., Ascanio, G., Carreau, P., & Tanguy, P. A. (2004). Extensional viscosity of coating colors and its relation with jet coating performance. Applied Rheology, 14(5), 240-250. Available

Arzate, A., Ascanio, G., Carreau, P. J., & Tanguy, P. A. (2003, November). Extensional Properties of Coating Colors at High Strain Rates [Paper]. ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE 2003), Washington, DC, USA. External link

Arzate, A., Ascanio, G., Carreau, P., & Tanguy, P. A. (2003, October). Extensional rheology of paper coating colors at high strain rate [Paper]. 75th annual meeting of the Society of Rheology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Unavailable

Arzate, A., Bertrand, F., Réglat, O., & Tanguy, P. A. (2002). Apparatus and method for measuring the rheological properties of a power law fluid. (Patent no. US6412337). External link

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