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Aubin, C.-É., Labelle, H., Arnoux, P.-J., Parent, S., Wang, W., Baran, G., & Cahill, P. (2016). Biomechanics of high-grade spondylolisthesis with and without reduction. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 54(4), 619-628. External link


Bianco, R.-J., Arnoux, P.-J., Mac-Thiong, J.-M., & Aubin, C.-É. (2019). Thoracic pedicle screw fixation under axial and perpendicular loadings: A comprehensive numerical analysis. Clinical Biomechanics, 68, 190-196. External link

Bruna-Rosso, C., Arnoux, P.-J., Bianco, R.-J., Godio-Raboutet, Y., Fradet, L., & Aubin, C.-É. (2016). Finite Element Analysis of Sacroiliac Joint Fixation under Compression Loads. International Journal of Spine Surgery, 10, 11 pages. External link

Bianco, R.-J., Aubin, C.-É., Mac-Thiong, J.-M., Wagnac, E., & Arnoux, P.-J. (2016). Pedicle Screw Fixation Under Nonaxial Loads: A Cadaveric Study. Spine, 41(3), E124-E130. External link

Bianco, R.-J., Arnoux, P.-J., Wagnac, E., Mac-Thiong, J.-M., & Aubin, C.-É. (2014). Minimizing Pedicle Screw Pullout Risks: A Detailed Biomechanical Analysis of Screw Design and Placement. Clinical Spine Surgery, 30(3), E226-E232. External link


Coudert, P., Dubé-Cyr, R., Chaumoitre, K., Gille, O., Vital, J.-M., Jouve, J.-L., Arnoux, P.-J., Panuel, M., & Evin, M. (2019). Sacroiliac joint morphologic changes from infancy to adulthood. Spine Journal, 19(10), 1730-1738. External link


Dubé-Cyr, R., Aubin, C.-É., Villemure, I., & Arnoux, P.-J. (2021). Biomechanical analysis of the number of implants for the immediate sacroiliac joint fixation. Spine Deformity, 9(5), 1267-1273. External link

Dube-Cyr, R., Aubin, C.-É., Villemure, I., Bianco, R.-J., Godio-Raboutet, Y., & Arnoux, P.-J. (2020). Biomechanical analysis of two insertion sites for the fixation of the sacroiliac joint via an oblique lateral approach. Clinical Biomechanics, 74, 118-123. External link


El-Rich, M., Arnoux, P.-J., Wagnac, E., Brunet, C., & Aubin, C.-É. (2009). Finite element investigation of the loading rate effect on the spinal load-sharing changes under impact conditions. Journal of Biomechanics, 42(9), 1252-1262. External link


Fradet, L., Arnoux, P.-J., Callot, V., & Petit, Y. (2016). Geometrical variations in white and gray matter affect the biomechanics of spinal cord injuries more than the arachnoid space. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 8(8), 168781401666470. Available

Fradet, L., Petit, Y., Wagnac, E., Aubin, C.-É., & Arnoux, P.-J. (2014). Biomechanics of thoracolumbar junction vertebral fractures from various kinematic conditions. Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 52(1), 87-94. External link


Henao, J., Labelle, H., Arnoux, P.-J., & Aubin, C.-É. (2018). Biomechanical simulation of stresses and strains exerted on the spinal cord and nerves during scoliosis correction maneuvers. Spine Deformity, 6(1), 12-19. External link


Lecoublet, B., Boisclair, D., Evin, M., Wagnac, E., Petit, Y., Aubin, C.-É., & Arnoux, P.-J. (2020). Assessing the Global Range of Motion of the Helmeted Head Through Rotational and Translational Measurements. International Journal of Crashworthiness, 25(3), 321-327. External link

Lalonde, N. M., Petit, Y., Aubin, C.-É., Wagnac, E., & Arnoux, P.-J. (2013). Method to geometrically personalize a detailed finite-element model of the Spine. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 60(7), 2014-2021. External link


Mustafy, T., Arnoux, P.-J., Benoit, A., Bianco, R.-J., Aubin, C.-É., & Villemure, I. (2018). Load-sharing biomechanics at the thoracolumbar junction under dynamic loadings are modified by anatomical features in adolescent and pediatric vs adult functional spinal units. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 88, 78-91. External link


Sterba, M., Aubin, C.-É., Wagnac, E., Fradet, L., & Arnoux, P.-J. (2019). Effect of impact velocity and ligament mechanical properties on lumbar spine injuries in posterior-anterior impact loading conditions: a finite element study. Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 57(6), 1381-1392. External link


Wagnac, E., Aubin, C.-É., Chaumoître, K., Mac-Thiong, J.-M., Ménard, A.-L., Petit, Y., Garo, A., & Arnoux, P.-J. (2017). Substantial vertebral body osteophytes protect against severe vertebral fractures in compression. PLOS One, 12(10), e0186779 (15 pages). Available

Wagnac, E., Arnoux, P.-J., Garo, A., & Aubin, C.-É. (2012). Finite element analysis of the influence of loading rate on a model of the full lumbar spine under dynamic loading conditions. Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 50(9), 903-915. External link

Wagnac, E., Arnoux, P.-J., Garo, A., El-Rich, M., & Aubin, C.-É. (2011). Calibration of hyperelastic material properties of the human lumbar intervertebral disc under fast dynamic compressive loads. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 133(10), 101007-101007. External link

Wagnac, É., Michardière, D., Garo, A., Arnoux, P.-J., Mac-Thiong, J.-M., & Aubin, C.-É. (2010, July). Biomechanical analysis of pedicle screw placement: a feasibility study [Paper]. 8th Biennial Meeting of the International Research Society of Spinal Deformities (IRSSD 2010), Montréal, Québec. External link

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