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Abbasi, M., Mamdoohi, A. R., Sierpiński, G., & Ciari, F. (2023). Usage Intention of Shared Autonomous Vehicles with Dynamic Ride Sharing on Long-Distance Trips. Sustainability, 15(2), 17 pages. External link

Abbasi, M., Farzin, I., & Mamdoohi, A. R. (2021). Influential Factors on Walking Choice in Discretionary Trips, Case of Heterogeneity in Travel Distance. Journal of Transportation Research, 18(4), 71-84. External link


Baghestani, A., Abbasi, M., Rastegar, S., Mamdoohi, A. R., Afaghpoor, A., & Saffarzadeh, M. (2023). Logistics Village Location with Capacity Planning Problem, an MILP Model Approach. Sustainability, 15(5), 4633 (14 pages). External link


Farzin, I., Abbasi, M., Macioszek, E., Mamdoohi, A. R., & Ciari, F. (2023). Moving toward a More Sustainable Autonomous Mobility, Case of Heterogeneity in Preferences. Sustainability, 15(1), 16 pages. External link

Farzin, I., Abbasi, M., & Mamdoohi, A. R. (2020). Socio-demographic factors impact on willingness to buy & use autonomous vehicles in Tehran. Traffic Management Studies, 55, 61-90. Unavailable


Kashani, M. A., Abbasi, M., Mamdoohi, A. R., & Sierpinski, G. (2023). The Role of Attitude, Travel-Related, and Socioeconomic Characteristics in Modal Shift to Shared Autonomous Vehicles with Ride Sharing. World Electric Vehicle Journal, 14(1), 23 (19 pages). External link


Mamdoohi, A. R., Khavari, F., & Abbasi, M. (2023). Comparative study and identification of effective factors in interurban mandatory trip generation. Journal of Transportation Research, 20(2), 115-128. External link

Mamdoohi, A. R., Shariati, M., Nazemi, M., & Abbasi, M. (2022). Dynamic Modeling of Management Policies for Emergency Evacuation. Journal of Transportation Research, 19(71), 135-148. Unavailable

Macioszek, E., Karami, A., Farzin, I., Abbasi, M., Mamdoohi, A. R., & Piccioni, C. (2022). The Effect of Distance Intervals on Walking Likelihood in Different Trip Purposes. Sustainability, 14(6), 3406 (17 pages). External link

Mamdoohi, A. R., Rezaei, H., Irannezhad, E., Saffarzadeh, A., & Abbasi, M. (2022). Hour and Period Based Congestion Pricing, Case of Tehran Mode Choice. Quarterly Journal of Transportation Engineering, 14(1), 2233-2247. External link

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