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Camarero, R., Ozell, B., Reggio, M., & Garon, A. (1986). Introduction to grid generation in turbomachinery. In Degrez, G., & Deconinck, H. (eds.), Numerical Techniques for Viscous Flow Calculations in Turbomachinery Blading . Unavailable


Désy, P., & Paraschivoiu, I. (1986). Dynamic stall study for the Darrieus rotor. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-21). Restricted access

Désy, P., Paraschivoiu, I., & Béguier, C. (1986). Experimental study of dynamic stall for an oscillating blade. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-25). Restricted access

Dickson, J. I., Turenne, S., Vogt, J. B., & Bailon, J.-P. (1985, August). The Formation of Extrusions and Intrusions in Copper and in a Mild Steel [Paper]. 7th International Conference on the Strength of Metals and Alloys (ICSMA 7), Montréal, Québec. External link


Gou, M. (1986). Etude expérimentale du comportement d'un moteur Ricardo fonctionnant au gaz naturel. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-03). Restricted access

Gou, M., Guernier, C., & Detuncq, B. (1986). Étude expérimentale comparative du comportement d'un moteur Ricardo fonctionnant au gaz naturel et à l'essence. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-04). Available

Gou, M., Guernier, C., & Perrault, M. (1986). Simulation et analyse du comportement d'un système de carburation pneumatique pour véhicule au gaz naturel sous différentes conditions de température et de pression. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-02). Restricted access


Hammache, A., & Bilgen, E. (1986). Modélisation d'un système photovoltaïque-électrolyseur : PV-HYDRGN version 1.0. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-58). Restricted access


Lakis, A. A. (1986, January). Effect of random pressure fluctuations induced by turbulent flow [Paper]. 7th Brazilian Congress on Mechanical Engineering, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Unavailable

Lakis, A. A. (1986, July). Two phase parameters on highly turbulent bubbly flow in horizontal large channel [Paper]. 3rd International Symposium on Applications of Laser Anemometry to Fluid Mechanics, Lisbon, Portugal. Unavailable

Lakis, A. A., & Boisnaud, P. (1986). Analysis of anisotropic thin conical shells. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-38). Available

Lakis, A. A., & Nguyen, D. T. (1986). Dynamic analysis of a Timoshenko beam using a finite element approach. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-34). Available

Lakis, A. A., & Ouriche, H. (1986). Dynamic analysis of anisotropic conical shells. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-36). Available

Lakis, A. A., & Sinno, M. (1986). Free vibration of axisymmetric and beam-like cylindrical shells, partially filled with liquid. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-35). Available

Lakis, A. A., & Toledano, A. (1986). Non-linear analysis of cylindrical shells. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-37). Available

Lavoie, S., Laberge, C. A., & Nguyen, T. H. (1986). Transfert de chaleur par convection naturelle entre deux cylindres verticaux soumis à un flux de chaleur constant. (Technical Report n° EP-R-86-29). Restricted access


Martin, P., Dickson, J. I., & Bailon, J.-P. (1986, January). Monitoring Stress-Corrosion Cracking by Acoustic Emission [Paper]. Corrosion Monitoring in Industrial Plants Using Nondestructive Testing and Electrochemical Methods, West Conshohocken, PA. External link

Masson, C., & Paraschivoiu, I. (1986). Blade-tip and finite aspect-ratio effects on the vertical axis straight - bladed turbine. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-22). Restricted access


Nguyen, D. L., & Nguyen, T. H. (1986, August). Analysis of convective heat transfer in a horizontal cylinder with computer-extended perturbation series [Paper]. 8th International Heat Transfer Conference, San Francisco, CA, USA. External link

Nguyen, T. H., & Nguyen, D. L. (1986). Simulation numérique du transfert de chaleur par convection naturelle dans un cylindre poreux refroidi à un taux constant. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-05). Restricted access

Nguyen, T. H., Nguyen, D. L., & Lavoie, S. (1986). Convection naturelle dans un espace annulaire poreux soumis à un flux de chaleur constant. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-86-01). Restricted access


Ozell, B., & Camarero, R. (1986, September). 3-D Geometric and Computational Modeling for Turbomachinery [Paper]. 13th Symposium: Progress in Technology, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable

Ozell, B., & Camarero, R. (1986). Between the Blades: Geometric and Computational Modeling of Turbomachinery. ASME Computers in Mechanical Engineering (CIME), 4(4), 28-35. Unavailable

Ozell, B., & Camarero, R. (1986, January). Computer Aided Grid Design [Paper]. Numerical Grid Generation in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Landshut, Germany. Unavailable


Paraschivoiu, I., & Desy, P. (1986). Aerodynamics of small-scale vertical-axis wind turbines. Journal of Propulsion and Power, 2(3), 282-288. External link


Reggio, M., & Camarero, R. (1986). Numerical solution procedure for viscous incompressible flows. Numerical heat transfer, 10(2), 131-146. External link

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