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Seismic velocities, anisotropy, hysteresis and poisson's ratio of ultrahigh pressure (UHP) metamorphic rocks

Qian Wang

PhD thesis (2009)

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Elasticity -- Vp/Vs and Poisson's ratio -- Mixture rules -- Seismic anisotropy and shear-wave splitting -- Effect of chemical composition and metamorphic facies on seismic properties of rocks -- The sulu ultrahigh pressure (UHP) metamorphic terrane (China) and the Chinese continental scientific drilling (CCSD) project -- The Sulu utrahigh pressure metamorphic terrane -- The Chinese continental scientific drilling (CCDS) project -- Lithostructural profile of the CCSD-main borehole -- Calibration of crustal seismic structure for the upper crust of the Sulu terrame -- Age data of CCSD core and surface samples -- Garnet peridotite -- Rheology during formation and exhumation of the orogenic deep root -- Subduction/exhumation/uplift history of the Sulu UHP rocks -- Exhumation structure of the Sulu orogenic deep root -- P-wave velocities, anisotropy and hysteresis in ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks as a function of confining pressure -- Samples -- Experimental techniques -- Experimental results and discussion -- Poisson's ratios of crystalline rocks as a function of hydrostatic confining pressure -- Composition and tectonic evelution of the Chinese continental crust constrained by Poisson's ratio -- Causes of Poisson's ratio variations -- Poisson's ratios of continental China -- Correlations between compressional and shear wave velocities and corresponding Poisson's ratios for some common rocks and sulfide ores -- Data for statistic analysis -- Linear relationship between Vp and Vs -- Scaling factor Rs/p -- Correlation of Poisson's ration with Vs, Vp, G and E -- Further work : seismic properties of rocks from Yunkai Mountains-the northern continental margin of the South China Sea.

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Roches métamorphiques -- Propriétés; Roches métamorphiques -- Chine; Géologie physique

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