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Plasmonic and nanophotonics sensors from visible to terahertz

Alireza Hassani

PhD thesis (2009)

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Theory of surface plasmon sensors -- Electromagnetic theory of surface plasmons -- Excitation of surface plasmons -- Methodology -- Design criteria for microstructured-optical-fiber-based surface-plasmon-resonance sensors -- Geometry of a MOF-based SPR sensor -- Excitation of plasmonic waves by the core guided mode of a MOF -- Tuning of plasmonic excitations -- Sensitivities of the MOF-based SPR sensors -- Photonic crystal fiber and waveguide-based surface plasmon resonance sensors for application in the visible and NEAR-IR -- SPR sensors using planar photonic crystal waveguides -- SPR sensors using photonic crystal Bragg fibers -- SPR sensors using microstructured photonic crystal fibers -- Porous polymer fibers for low-loss terahertz guiding -- Porous fibers with multiple sub-wavelength holes -- Porous photonic bandgap Bragg fibers with a network of bridges -- Surface-plasmon-resonance-like fiber-based sensor at terahertz frequencies -- THz plasmon-like excitations -- Sensitivity of a THz SPR-like sensor -- Surface plasmon resonance-like integrated sensor at terahertz frequencies for gaseous analytes -- TH plasmon-like excitation at the PVDF/air interface -- Sensitivity of an SPR-like THz sensor -- Overall discussion and conclusion.

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Capteurs -- Conception et construction; Plasmons; Résonance plasmonique de surface; Nanophotonique

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