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Seismic water-crack interaction in gravity dams : experimental study and numerical simulations

Farrokh Javanmardi

PhD thesis (2003)

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Water pressure in cracks and and joints of concrete Dams : state-of-the-art -- Seismic analysis of gravity dams -- Uplift pressure -- Water flow in cracks -- Transient seismic uplift in concrete cracks of gravity dams -- Compressibility of water -- Experimental program -- Earthquake response of gravity dams and development of the experimental program -- Test set up -- Testing procedures -- Verification of test set up -- Test results as measured in the laboratory -- Existing crack tests -- New crack tests -- Water-crack interaction model -- Dynamic water pressure -- Developed pressure based on the water flow in the crack -- Modification for singularity -- Modification for cavitation -- Extension of the procedure to cracks with longer lengths -- New crack vs existing crack -- Crack length effects -- Numerical simulations and case studies -- Finite element analysis of dam considering dynamic uplift pressure -- Effect of coupling in developed crack water pressures -- Recommendation for industrial application -- Sliding safety factor of 90m dam.

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