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Implementations of optical coherence tomography

Zhiqiang Xu

Masters thesis (2003)

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The principle of optical coherence tomography -- The coherence length of the light source -- Depth limit -- The experimental setup -- The quality test of the OCT setup -- The quality test of the OCT setup -- Sources -- The components of the laser cavity -- Astigmatism free design -- Self mode locking -- Group-velocity dispersion compensation -- Interference signal -- Interference of temporal coherence sources -- Temporal and spatial coherence -- Interference of partially coherent light -- Two SLD examples for OCT -- The electrical system of OCT SET UP -- Data acquisition and scanning control system -- The envelope detection algorith (Matlab) and contour of the final image -- A glass plate sample for OCT -- A three layer sample for OCT -- A man-made grating sample for OCT -- Onion, a natural sample for OCT -- Experiments of OCT with a white LED -- Fundamental properties of the white source -- Basic interference characteristics of the white LED -- Experimental setup for OCT with white LED -- Interference characteristics of OCT system with shite LED -- Measurement of the scanning range -- Measurement of the scanning range -- Measurement of the actual scanning range of the objective beam -- OCT experimental results with the white LED on some real samples -- Short pulse OCT -- Higth resolution OCT imaging using ultra-short pulse laser -- The principle of ultra-short pulse laser ablation on tissues -- The theoretical analysis of ultra-short pulse laser ablation on tissues -- The experimental studies of the ultra-short pulse laser ablation -- The biological tissue responses as a function of pulse dose.

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