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Organic coatings from acetylene at atmospheric pressure: UV light versus plasma

Sean Watson, Ulrich Legrand, Robin Arrachepied, Bernard Nisol, Pierre-Luc Girard-Lauriault, Jason Robert Tavares and Michael R. Wertheimer

Article (2021)

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A versatile pilot-scale reactor has been designed in such a way that it can be readily converted from a dielectric barrier discharge “PECVD” operating mode into a photoinitiated “PICVD” one; in the latter, low-pressure mercury (Hg) lamps replace the high-voltage glow discharge plasma. Both processes operate at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, 100 kPa, using acetylene (C2H2) monomer. In both sets of experiments, it was found that efficient gas-to-solid conversion can occur in the form of a nanoparticulate amorphous hydrocarbon polymer-like material. It was found that in the PICVD case, great care was required to exclude even traces of O2 contamination, because it not only reduced the growth rate of solid, but the latter then became highly oxidized ([O] ~50 at.%) and water-soluble.

Uncontrolled Keywords

acetylene, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), photoinitiated (PI), plasma‐enhanced (PE), powder

Subjects: 1800 Chemical engineering > 1800 Chemical engineering
Department: Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of Engineering Physics
Research Center: CREPEC - Center for Applied Research on Polymers and Composites
Funders: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Prima, Awn Nanotech Inc.
Grant number: CRDPJ 522391-17, R16-46-003
PolyPublie URL: https://publications.polymtl.ca/46929/
Journal Title: Plasma Processes and Polymers (vol. 18, no. 4)
Publisher: Wiley
DOI: 10.1002/ppap.202000211
Official URL: https://doi.org/10.1002/ppap.202000211
Date Deposited: 18 Apr 2023 15:00
Last Modified: 10 Apr 2024 03:52
Cite in APA 7: Watson, S., Legrand, U., Arrachepied, R., Nisol, B., Girard-Lauriault, P.-L., Tavares, J. R., & Wertheimer, M. R. (2021). Organic coatings from acetylene at atmospheric pressure: UV light versus plasma. Plasma Processes and Polymers, 18(4), e2000211 (11 pages). https://doi.org/10.1002/ppap.202000211


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