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Viscous flow and dynamic stall effects on vertical-axis wind turbines

A. Allet and Ion Paraschivoiu

Article (1995)

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Cite this document: Allet, A. & Paraschivoiu, I. (1995). Viscous flow and dynamic stall effects on vertical-axis wind turbines. International Journal of Rotating Machinery, 2(1), p. 1-14. doi:10.1155/s1023621x95000157
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The present paper describes a numerical method, aimed to simulate the flow field of vertical-axis wind turbines, based on the solution of the steady, incompressible, laminar Navier-Stokes equations in cylindrical coordinates. The flow equations, written in conservation law form, are discretized using a control volume approach on a staggered grid. The effect of the spinning blades is simulated by distributing a time-averaged source terms in the ring of control volumes that lie in the path of turbine blades. The numerical procedure used here, based on the control volume approach, is the widely known "SIMPLER" algorithm. The resulting algebraic equations are solved by the TriDiagonal Matrix Algorithm (TDMA) in the r- and z-directions and the Cyclic TDMA in the 0-direction. The indicial model is used to simulate the effect of dynamic stall at low tip-speed ratio values. The viscous model, developed here, is used to predict aerodynamic loads and performance for the Sandia 17-m wind turbine. Predictions of the viscous model are compared with both experimental data and results from the CARDAAV aerodynamic code based on the Double-Multiple Streamtube Model. According to the experimental results, the analysis of local and global performance predictions by the 3D viscous model including dynamic stall effects shows a good improvement with respect to previous 2D models.

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Wind turbines; Navier-Stokes; Dynamic stall; Aerodynamics; Finite volume

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