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Structural, mechanical, tribological, and corrosion properties of a-SiC:H coatings prepared by PECVD

S. Guruvenket, Marwan Azzi, D. Li, J. A. Szpunar, Ludvik Martinu and Jolanta-Ewa Sapieha

Article (2010)

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Amorphous hydrogenated silicon-carbide (a-SiC:H) coatings appear very attractive due to their superior optical and mechanical properties and chemical inertness. In the present work a-SiC:H coatings were prepared by PECVD on stainless steel 301 (SS301) and Ti–6Al–4V (TiAlV) substrates at a temperature of 300 °C, using different SiH4/CH4 precursor ratios. We systematically studied such mechanical properties as hardness, reduced Young's modulus and elastic recovery using depth-sensing indentation, their tribological characteristics such as coefficient of friction and wear coefficient using the pin-on-disc method, as well as their corrosion and tribo-corrosion behaviors. a-SiC:H films (∼ 3 μm thick) prepared on SS301 and TiAlV at optimal deposition conditions exhibited a hardness of 23.5 GPa, reduced Young's modulus of 160 GPa, and elastic rebound of 73%. They showed a friction coefficient of ∼ 0.35, and a wear rate of 10 × 10−6 mm3/Nm. These values are low compared to ∼ 0.85 and ∼ 0.5, 240 × 10−6 mm3/Nm and 700 × 10−6 mm3/Nm for SS301 and TiAlV, respectively. The films exhibited a very high corrosion and tribo-corrosion resistance on both metallic substrates. The coating behavior is correlated with the microstructure and composition, determined by complementary characterization techniques including ERD, FTIR and Raman analyses.

Uncontrolled Keywords

a-SiC:H coatings; structural properties; elasto-plastic properties; wear; corrosion; tribo-corrosion

Department: Department of Engineering Physics
Grant number: CRDPJ328038-05
PolyPublie URL: https://publications.polymtl.ca/18225/
Journal Title: Surface and Coatings Technology (vol. 204, no. 21-22)
Publisher: Elsevier
DOI: 10.1016/j.surfcoat.2010.03.031
Official URL: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.surfcoat.2010.03.031
Date Deposited: 18 Apr 2023 15:13
Last Modified: 05 Apr 2024 11:00
Cite in APA 7: Guruvenket, S., Azzi, M., Li, D., Szpunar, J. A., Martinu, L., & Sapieha, J.-E. (2010). Structural, mechanical, tribological, and corrosion properties of a-SiC:H coatings prepared by PECVD. Surface and Coatings Technology, 204(21-22), 3358-3365. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.surfcoat.2010.03.031



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