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Bey-Oueslati, R., Palm, S. J., Therriault, D., & Martel, S. (2008). High speed direct-write for rapid fabrication of three-dimensional microfluidic devices. International Journal of Heat and Technology, 26(1), 125-131. External link

Bruneaux, J., Therriault, D., & Heuzey, M.-C. (2008). Micro-Extrusion of Organic Inks for Direct-Write Assembly. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 18(11), 115020-115020. External link

Ghafar-Zadeh, E., Sawan, M., & Therriault, D. (2008). A 0.18-μm CMOS capacitive sensor Lab-on-Chip. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 141(2), 454-462. External link

Ghafar-Zadeh, E., Sawan, M., Therriault, D., & Miled, A. (2008). Laboratoires-sur-puces: Une nouvelle technologie de diagnostic cellulaire et moléculaire. External link

Hajj-Hassan, M., Gonzalez, T., Ghafar-Zadeh, E., Djeghelian, H., Chodavarapu, V., Andrews, M., & Therriault, D. (2008). Direct-Dispense Polymeric Waveguides Platform for Optical Chemical Sensors. Sensors, 8(12), 7636-7648. Available

Kuhn, M., Napporn, T. W., Meunier, M., & Therriault, D. (2008). Experimental Study of Current Collection in Single-Chamber Micro Solid Oxide Fuel Cells With Comblike Electrodes. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 155(10), B994-B1000. External link

Kuhn, M., Napporn, T., Meunier, M., Therriault, D., & Vengallatore, S. (2008). Fabrication and Testing of Coplanar Single-Chamber Micro Solid Oxide Fuel Cells With Geometrically Complex Electrodes. Journal of Power Sources, 177(1), 148-153. External link

Kuhn, M., Napporn, T., Meunier, M., Vengallatore, S., & Therriault, D. (2008). Direct-Write Microfabrication of Single-Chamber Micro Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 18(1), 015005. External link

Longtin, R., Fauteux, C., Carignan, L. P., Therriault, D., & Pegna, J. (2008). Laser-Assisted Synthesis of Carbon Nanofibers: From Arrays to Thin Films and Coatings. Surface and Coatings Technology, 202(12), 2661-2669. External link

Oueslati, R. B., Therriault, D., & Martel, S. (2008). PCB-Integrated Heat Exchanger for Cooling Electronics Using Microchannels Fabricated With the Direct-Write Method. IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies, 31(4), 869-874. External link


Aïssa, B., Laberge Lebel, L., Therriault, D., & El Khakani, M. A. (2008, May). Synthèse contrôlée des nanotubes de carbone monoparois par l'approche plasma/laser pour l'élaboration de nanocomposites NTC-Polymère [Paper]. 76e Congrès de l'ACFAS, Québec, QC, Canada. Unavailable

Hajj-Hassan, M., Gonzalez, T., Djeghelian, H., Ghafar-Zadeh, E., Therriault, D., Chodavarapu, V., & Andrews, M. (2008, January). Direct-write patterning of nanostructured sensory waveguides for integrated optical bioimaging applications [Paper]. Nanoscale Imaging, Sensing, and Actuation for Biomedical Applications V, San Jose, CA, United states. External link

Laberge-Label, L., Aissa, B., El Khnakani, M. A., & Therriault, D. (2008, July). Single-walled carbon nanotubes/polymer nanocomposites microbeams by Means of ultraviolet-assisted direct-write assembly [Paper]. 7th Joint Canada-Japan Workshop on Composites, Kanagawa, Japan. Unavailable

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