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Ahabchane, C., Langevin, A., & Trépanier, M. (2021). Robust optimization for the hierarchical mixed capacitated general routing problem applied to winter road maintenance. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 158, 10 pages. External link


Bourbonnais, P.-L., Morency, C., Trépanier, M., & Martel-Poliquin, É. (2021). Transit network design using a genetic algorithm with integrated road network and disaggregated O–D demand data. External link

Bretin, A., Desaulniers, G., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2021). The traveling salesman problem with time windows in postal services. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 72(2), 383-397. External link


Chen, L., Chen, Y., & Langevin, A. (2021). An inverse optimization approach for a capacitated vehicle routing problem. European Journal of Operational Research, 295(3), 1087-1098. External link

Cheng, C., Adulyasak, Y., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2021). Robust facility location under demand uncertainty and facility disruptions. Omega-International Journal of Management Science, 103, 102429 (14 pages). External link

Cheng, Z., Trépanier, M., & Sun, L. (2021). Incorporating travel behavior regularity into passenger flow forecasting. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 128, 16 pages. External link

Contardo, C., & Hertz, A. (2021). An exact algorithm for a class of geometric set-cover problems. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 300, 25-35. External link

Costa, L., Contardo, C., Desaulniers, G., & Pecin, D. (2021). Selective arc-ng pricing for vehicle routing. International Transactions in Operational Research, 28(5), 2633-2690. External link

Crainic, T. G., Gendreau, M., & Gendron, B. (2021). Fixed-Charge Network Design Problems. In Network Design with Applications to Transportation and Logistics (15-28). External link

Crainic, T. G., Gendreau, M., & Gendron, B. (2021). Heuristics and Metaheuristics for Fixed-Charge Network Design. In Network Design with Applications to Transportation and Logistics (91-138). External link

Crainic, T. G., Gendreau, M., & Gendron, B. (2021). Network Design with Applications to Transportation and Logistics. External link


Dadouchi, C., & Agard, B. (2021). Recommender systems as an agility enabler in supply chain management. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 32(5), 1229-1248. External link


El Hage, J., Gravitt, P., Ravel, J., Lahrichi, N., & Gralla, E. (2021). Supporting scale-up of COVID-19 RT-PCR testing processes with discrete event simulation. PLOS One, 16(7), 19 pages. Available

Emde, S., Tahirov, N., Gendreau, M., & Glock, C. H. (2021). Routing automated lane-guided transport vehicles in a warehouse handling returns. European Journal of Operational Research, 292(3), 1085-1098. External link


Gmira, M., Gendreau, M., Lodi, A., & Potvin, J.-Y. (2021). Managing in real-time a vehicle routing plan with time-dependent travel times on a road network. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 132, 15 pages. External link

Grangier, P., Gendreau, M., Lehuede, F., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2021). The vehicle routing problem with cross-docking and resource constraints. Journal of Heuristics, 27(1-2), 31-61. External link


Haouassi, M., Kergosien, Y., Mendoza, J. E., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2021). The integrated orderline batching, batch scheduling, and picker routing problem with multiple pickers: the benefits of splitting customer orders. Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, 32 pages. External link

He, L., Trépanier, M., & Agard, B. (2021). Space-time classification of public transit smart card users' activity locations from smart card data. Public Transport, 13(3), 579-595. External link


Kafaei, P., Cappart, Q., Renaud, M.-A., Chapados, N., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2021). Graph neural networks and deep reinforcement learning for simultaneous beam orientation and trajectory optimization of Cyberknife. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 66(21), 215002 (17 pages). External link


Larsen, E., Lachapelle, S., Bengio, Y., Frejinger, E., Lacoste-Julien, S., & Lodi, A. (2021). Predicting Tactical Solutions to Operational Planning Problems Under Imperfect Information. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 17 pages. External link


Madelin, G., & Lahrichi, N. (2021). Modeling and improving the logistic distribution network of a hospital. International Transactions in Operational Research, 28(1), 70-90. External link

Manout, O. The Contribution of Daily Mobility and Activities to the Spread of Covid-19: A Case Study From Montreal, Canada [Abstract]. Unspecified (4 pages). External link

Manout, O., Bonnel, P., & Pacull, F. (2021). Spatial Aggregation Issues in Traffic Assignment Models. Networks and Spatial Economics, 21(1), 29 pages. External link


Nguyen, A., Lamouri, S., Pellerin, R., Tamayo, S., & Lekens, B. (2021). Data analytics in pharmaceutical supply chains: state of the art, opportunities, and challenges. International Journal of Production Research, 20 pages. External link


Rahmaniani, R., Crainic, T. G., Gendreau, M., & Rei, W. (2021). An asynchronous parallel Benders decomposition method for stochastic network design problems. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2021-41). External link

Rimele, A., Gamache, M., Gendreau, M., Grangier, P., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2021). Robotic mobile fulfillment systems: a mathematical modelling framework for e-commerce applications. International Journal of Production Research, 17 pages. External link

Roblot, M., Boisjoly, G., Ciari, F., & Trépanier, M. (2021). Participation in Shared Mobility: An Analysis of the Influence of Walking and Public Transport Accessibility to Vehicles on Carsharing Membership in Montreal, Canada. Transportation Research Record, 2675(12), 1160-1171. External link

Rosin, F., Forget, P., Lamouri, S., & Pellerin, R. (2021). Impact de l'Industrie 4.0 sur la prise de décisions opérationnelles. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2021-48). External link


Silva, A., Aloise, D., Coelho, L. C., & Rocha, C. (2021). Heuristics for the dynamic facility location problem with modular capacities. European Journal of Operational Research, 290(2), 435-452. External link


Torres, F., Gendreau, M., & Rei, W. (2021). Crowdshipping: An open VRP variant with stochastic destinations. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2021-46). External link

Trépanier, M., & Hickman, M. (2021). Advanced systems in public transport, with a touch of data. Public Transport, 13(3), 455-456. External link


Zhang, X., Chen, L., Gendreau, M., & Langevin, A. (2021). A branch-and-cut algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with two-dimensional loading constraints. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2021-26). External link

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