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Alsheghri, A., Ghadiri, F., Zhang, Y., Lessard, O., Keren, J., Cheriet, F., & Guibault, F. (2022, February). Semi-supervised segmentation of tooth from 3D scanned dental arches [Poster]. SPIE Medical Imaging 2022 : Image processing, San Diego, California, USA (6 pages). External link

Avraam, C., Zhang, Y., Sankaranarayanan, S., Zaitchik, B., Moynihan, E., Juturu, P., Neff, R., & Siddiqui, S. (2021). Optimization-Based Systems Modeling for the Food-Energy-Water Nexus. Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports, 8(1), 4-16. External link


Cheng, C., Qi, M., Zhang, Y., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2018). A two-stage robust approach for the reliable logistics network design problem. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 111, 185-202. External link


Devals, C., Zhang, Y., Dompierre, J., Vu, T. C., Mangani, L., & Guibault, F. (2014). 3D Casing-Distributor Analysis for Hydraulic Design Application. International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems, 8(3), 142-154. External link


Hosseinimanesh, G., Ghadiri, F., Alsheghri, A., Zhang, Y., Keren, J., Cheriet, F., & Guibault, F. (2023, February). Improving the quality of dental crown using a transformer-based method [Paper]. Medical Imaging 2023 : Physics of Medical Imaging,, San Diego, CA, USA (8 pages). External link


Sankaranarayanan, S., Zhang, Y., Carney, J., Nigussie, Y., Esayas, B., Simane, B., Zaitchik, B., & Siddiqui, S. (2020). What Are the Domestic and Regional Impacts From Ethiopia's Policy on the Export Ban of Teff? Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 4, 4 (14 pages). Available


Trabelsi, C., Bilaniuk, O., Zhang, Y., Serdyuk, D., Subramanian, S., Santos, J. F., Mehri, S., Rostamzadeh, N., Bengio, Y., & Pal, C. J. (2018, April). Deep complex networks [Paper]. 6th International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2018), Vancouver, BC, Canada (19 pages). External link


Wu, N., Liu, B., Zhang, Y., Allam, A. A., Rady, A., Altoom, N. G., Dar, A. , Qu, R., Wang, Z., & Sun, P. (2024). Environmental fate of benzotriazole 2-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-4,6-di-tert-pentylphenol (UV-328) on the surface of plastic films in soil: Migration and phototransformation. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 12(2), 112093 (7 pages). External link

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