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Deiminiat, A., Li, L., & Zeng, F. (2022). Experimental Study on the Minimum Required Specimen Width to Maximum Particle Size Ratio in Direct Shear Tests. CivilEng, 3(1), 66-84. External link

Deiminiat, A., Li, L., Zeng, F., Pabst, T., Chiasson, P., & Chapuis, R. P. (2020). Determination of the Shear Strength of Rockfill from Small-Scale Laboratory Shear Tests: A Critical Review. Advances in Civil Engineering, 2020, 1-18. External link

Deiminiat, A., Li, L., Zeng, F., Pabst, T., Chapuis, R. P., & Chiasson, P. (2020, September). An overview on the determination of the shear strength of coarse grain materials (rockfills) from small scale laboratory tests [Paper]. 73rd annual conference of the Canadian Geotechnical Society (GeoVirtual 2020). Unavailable


Wang, R., Zeng, F., & Li, L. (2021). Applicability of Constitutive Models to Describing the Compressibility of Mining Backfill: A Comparative Study. Processes, 9(12), 30 pages. External link

Wang, R., Zeng, F., & Li, L. (2021). Stability analyses of side-exposed backfill considering mine depth and extraction of adjacent stope. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 142, 13 pages. External link


Zhang, Q., Yao, B., Fan, X., Li, Y., Fantuzzi, N., Ma, T., Chen, Y., Zeng, F., Li, X., & Wang, L. (2023). A failure criterion for shale considering the anisotropy and hydration based on the shear slide failure model. International Journal of Mining Science and Technology, 33(4), 447-462. External link

Zeng, F., Li, L., Aubertin, M., & Simon, R. (2022). Implementation of the non-associated elastoplastic MSDPu Model in FLAC3D and application for stress analysis of backfilled stopes. Processes, 10(6), 22 pages. External link

Zhang, Q., Wang, L., Zhao, P., Fan, X., Zeng, F., Yao, B., He, L., Yang, S., & Feng, Y. (2022). Mechanical Properties of Lamellar Shale Considering the Effect of Rock Structure and Hydration from Macroscopic and Microscopic Points of View. Applied Sciences, 12(3), 14 pages. External link

Zhao, P., Wang, X., Fan, X., Wang, X., Zeng, F., Zhang, M., Meng, F., & Nie, W. (2021). The Influence of Lamina Density and Occurrence on the Permeability of Lamellar Shale after Hydration. Crystals, 11(12), 13 pages. External link

Zhang, Q., Fan, X., Chen, P., Ma, T., & Zeng, F. (2020). Geomechanical behaviors of shale after water absorption considering the combined effect of anisotropy and hydration. Engineering Geology, 269, 105547 (16 pages). External link

Zeng, F., Folta, B. L., & Labuz, J. F. (2019). Strength Testing of Sandstone Under Multi-Axial Stress States. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, 37(6), 4803-4814. External link

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