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Fraser, A., Zhang, Z., Merle, G., Gbureck, U., Ye, S., Gostick, J., & Barralet, J. (2018). Composite carbon nanotube microsphere coatings for use as electrode supports. Advanced Functional Materials, 28(46), 8-8. External link


Lopes, J. H., Colson, F.-X., Ye, S., Gostick, J. T., Barralet, J. E., & Merle, G. (2017). Graphene modified nanosized Ag electrocomposites. Materials Research Bulletin, 89, 42-50. External link

Lopes, J. H., Ye, S., Gostick, J. T., Barralet, J. E., & Merle, G. (2015). Electrocatalytic oxygen reduction performance of silver nanoparticle decorated electrochemically exfoliated graphene. Langmuir, 31(35), 9718-9727. External link


Zhang, Z., Sadeghi, M. A., Brodusch, N., Gauvin, R., Ye, S., Gostick, J., Merle, G., & Barralet, J. E. (2019). Selective exposure of platinum catalyst embedded in protective oxide layer on conductive titanium carbide support. Materials Today Energy, 13, 353-352. External link

Zhang, Z., Sadeghi, M. A., Jervis, R., Ye, S., Gostick, T., Barralet, J. E., & Merle, G. (2019). Tailoring carbon nanotube microsphere architectures with controlled porosity. Advanced Functional Materials, 29(42), 1903983 (11 pages). External link

Zhang, Z., Fraser, A., Ye, S., Merle, G., & Barralet, J. (2019). Top-down bottom-up graphene synthesis. Nano Futures, 3(4), 042003. External link

Zhang, Z., Ye, S., Gbureck, U., Barralet, J. E., & Merle, G. (2018). Cavitation mediated 3D microstructured architectures from nanocarbon. Advanced Functional Materials, 28(19), 10-10. External link

Zhang, Z., Lopes, J. H., Ye, S., Gostick, J. T., Barralet, J. E., & Merle, G. (2016). Electrically bloomed platinum nanoflowers on exfoliated graphene: An efficient alcohol oxidation catalyst. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 163(10), D615-D621. External link

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