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Bertolazzi, S., Wünsche, J., Cicoira, F., & Santato, C. (2011). Tetracene thin film transistors with polymer gate dielectrics. Applied Physics Letters, 99(1), 3 pages. External link


Kumar, P., Mauro, E. D., Wünsche, J., & Santato, C. (2015). (Invited) Thin Films of Eumelanin Pigment: Charge Carrier Transport, Ion Storage, and Interaction with Metal Electrodes. Meeting abstracts, MA2015-01(18), 1269-1269. External link


Wünsche, J., Deng, Y., Kumar, P., Di Mauro, E., Josberger, E., Sayago, J., Pezzella, A., Soavi, F., Cicoira, F., Rolandi, M., & Santato, C. (2015). Protonic and electronic transport in hydrated thin films of the pigment eumelanin. Chemistry of Materials, 27(2), 436-442. External link

Wünsche, J., Tarabella, G., Bertolazzi, S., Bocoum, M., Coppede, N., Barba, L., Arrighetti, G., Lutterotti, L., Iannotta, S., Cicoira, F., & Santato, C. (2013). The correlation between gate dielectric, film growth, and charge transport in organic thin film transistors: The case of vacuum-sublimed tetracene thin films. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 1(5), 967-976. External link

Wünsche, J., Cicoira, F., Graeff, C. F. O., & Santato, C. (2013). Eumelanin thin films: Solution-processing, growth, and charge transport properties. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 1(31), 3836-3842. External link

Wünsche, J., Cardenas, L., Rosei, F., Cicoira, F., Gauvin, R., Graeff, C. F. O., Poulin, S., Pezzella, A., & Santato, C. (2013). In Situ formation of dendrites in eumelanin thin films between gold electrodes. Advanced Functional Materials, 23(45), 5591-5598. External link

Wünsche, J., Rosei, F., Graeff, C. F. O., & Santato, C. (2011). Growth and Morphology of Eumelanin Thin Films - A Future Bioelectronic Material. Meeting abstracts, MA2011-01(17), 1171-1171. External link

Wünsche, J., Rosei, F., Graeff, C. F. O., & Santato, C. (2011, May). Growth and morphology of eumelanin thin films - A future bioelectronic material? [Paper]. Bioelectronics, Biointerfaces, and Biomedical Applications 4 - 219th ECS Meeting, Montréal, Québec. External link

Wünsche, J., Reineke, S., Lüssem, B., & Leo, K. (2010). Measurement of triplet exciton diffusion in organic light-emitting diodes - art. No. 245201. Physical Review. B, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 81(24), 11-11. External link

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