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Hachad, M., Lanoue, M., Duy, S. V., Villemur, R., Sauve, S., Prévost, M., & Dorner, S. (2022). Locating illicit discharges in storm sewers in urban areas using multi-parameter source tracking: Field validation of a toolbox composite index to prioritize high risk areas. Science of The Total Environment, 811, 152060 (10 pages). External link

Hajj-Mohamad, M., Hachad, M., Deschamps, G., Sauvé, S., Villemur, R., Blais, M.-A., Prévost, M., & Dorner, S. (2019). Fecal contamination of storm sewers: Evaluating wastewater micropollutants, human-specific Bacteroides 16S rRNA, and mitochondrial DNA genetic markers as alternative indicators of sewer cross connections. Science of The Total Environment, 659, 548-560. External link

Bécaert, V., Beaulieu, M., Gagnon, J., Villemur, R., Deschênes, L., & Samson, R. (2010). Development of a Microbial Consortium from a Contaminated Soil That Degrades Pentachlorophenol and Wood-Preserving Oil. Bioremediation Journal, 5(3), 183-192. External link

Dupla, M., Comeau, Y., Parent, S., Villemur, R., & Jolicoeur, M. (2006). Design optimization of a self-cleaning moving-bed bioreactor for seawater denitrification. Water Research, 40(2), 249-258. External link

Labelle, M.-A., Juteau, P., Jolicoeur, M., Villemur, R., Parent, S., & Comeau, Y. (2005). Seawater denitrification in a closed mesocosm by a submerged moving bed biofilm reactor. Water Research, 39(14), 3409-3417. External link

Deziel, É., Comeau, Y., & Villemur, R. (2001). Initiation of Biofilm Formation by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 57rp Correlates With Emergence of Hyperpiliated and Highly Adherent Phenotypic Variants Deficient in Swimming, Swarming, and Twitching Motilities. Journal of Bacteriology, 183(4), 1195-1204. External link

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