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Amini, S., Veilleux, D., & Villemure, I. (2010). Tissue and cellular morphological changes in growth plate explants under compression. Journal of Biomechanics, 43(13), 2582-2588. External link


Buschmann, M. D., Lavertu, M., Nelea, M., Darras, V., Alameh, M. G., Chevrier, A., Tran-Khanh, N., Naeini Tavakoli, A., & Veilleux, D. (2018). Coated chitosan-based polyplex for delivery of nucleic acids. (Patent Application no. US20180028458). External link

Buschmann, M. D., Lavertu, M., & Veilleux, D. (2016). Freeze-dried polyelectrolyte complexes that maintain size and biological activity. (Patent Application no. US20160130606). External link


Chevrier, A., Buschmann, M. D., Veilleux, D., Hoemann, C. D., & Lavertu, M. (2017). Freeze-dried polymer compositions for mixing with platelet rich plasma to form implants for tissue repair and/or compositions for therapeutic intra-articular injections. (Patent Application no. US20170049696). External link


Hoemann, C. D., Guzman-Morales, J., Picard, G., Chen, G., Veilleux, D., Chevrier, A., Sim, S., Garon, M., Quenneville, E., Lafantaisie-Favreau, C.-H., Buschmann, M. D., & Hurtig, M. B. (2020). Guided bone marrow stimulation for articular cartilage repair through a freeze-dried chitosan microparticle approach. Materialia, 9, 12 pages. External link

Hoemann, C. D., Veilleux, D., & Buschmann, M. D. (2017). Lyophilized polymer scaffold compositions, processes for preparation and use in anabolic wound repair. (Patent Application no. US20170056550). External link


Veilleux, D., Gopalakrishna Panicker, R. K., Chevrier, A., Biniecki, K., Lavertu, M., & Buschmann, M. D. (2018). Lyophilisation and concentration of chitosan/siRNA polyplexes: Influence of buffer composition, oligonucleotide sequence, and hyaluronic acid coating. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 512, 335-345. External link

Veilleux, D. (2016). Lyophilisation et concentration de complexes chitosane/ADN et chitosane/ARNic pour la thérapie génique [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available

Veilleux, D., Lavertu, M., Biniecki, K., & Buschmann, M. D. (2014, May). Lyophilized chitosan nanoparticles for pDNA and siRNA delivery: Physico-chemical properties, transfection efficiency, and cytotoxicity [Poster]. American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy 17th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. Published in Molecular Therapy, 22(S1). Available

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