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Liu, Z., Solliec, M., Papineau, I., Lompe, K. , Mohseni, M., Berube, P. R., Sauve, S., & Barbeau, B. (2022). Elucidating the removal of organic micropollutants on biological ion exchange resins. Science of The Total Environment, 808, 152137 (8 pages). External link

Lompe, K. M., Solliec, M., Rivas, M., Peldszus, S., & Barbeau, B. (2022). Selecting a single powdered activated carbon against multiple threats: taste & odour and benzene. Environmental Science-Water Research & Technology, 8(12), 3091-3100. External link


Okoro, O., Solliec, M., Papineau, I., Fradette, L., & Barbeau, B. (2021). Contribution of surfactants and micelles to contamination and treatability of crude oil-contaminated surface water. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9(6), 8 pages. External link

Okoro, O., Papineau, I., Solliec, M., Fradette, L., & Barbeau, B. (2021). Performance of conventional drinking water treatment following dispersant remediation of an oil spill in surface water. Science of The Total Environment, 801, 9 pages. External link

Okoro, O., Lompe, K., Papineau, I., Solliec, M., Fradette, L., & Barbeau, B. (2021). Simultaneous powdered activated carbon and coagulant injection during ballasted flocculation for trace benzene removal from diesel and gasoline-contaminated surface waters. Journal of Water Process Engineering, 40, 101846 (10 pages). External link


Roy-Lachapelle, A., Solliec, M., Sauvé, S., & Gagnon, C. (2021). Evaluation of ELISA-based method for total anabaenopeptins determination and comparative analysis with on-line SPE-UHPLC-HRMS in freshwater cyanobacterial blooms. Talanta, 223, 121802 (9 pages). External link

Roy-Lachapelle, A., Solliec, M., Sauvé, S., & Gagnon, C. (2019). A data-independent methodology for the structural characterization of microcystins and anabaenopeptins leading to the identification of four new congeners. Toxins, 11(11), 619 (21 pages). Available


Solliec, M., Roy-Lachapelle, A., Storck, V., Callender, K., Greer, C. W., & Barbeau, B. (2021). A data-independent acquisition approach based on HRMS to explore the biodegradation process of organic micropollutants involved in a biological ion-exchange drinking water filter. Chemosphere, 277, 15 pages. External link

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