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Boucher, M.-A., Lippé, S., Dupont, C., Knoth, I. S., Lopez, G., Shams, R., El-Jalbout, R., Damphousse, A., & Kadoury, S. (2018). Computer-aided lateral ventricular and brain volume measurements in 3D ultrasound for assessing growth trajectories in newborns and neonates. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 63(22), 225012 (13 pages). External link


Grajales, D., Kadoury, S., Shams, R., Barkati, M., Delouya, G., Béliveau-Nadeau, D., Nicolas, B., Le, W. T., Benhacene-Boudam, M.-K., Juneau, D., DaSilva, J. N., Carrier, J.-F., Hautvast, G., & Ménard, C. (2022). Performance of an integrated multimodality image guidance and dose-planning system supporting tumor-targeted HDR brachytherapy for prostate cancer. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 166, 154-161. External link


Kadoury, S., Lopera, D., Shams, R., Beliveau-Nadeau, D., Delouya, G., Boudam, K., Carrier, J.-F., & Menard, C. (2021, May). Registration accuracy of an integrated MR-TRUS navigation system for prostate HDR brachytherapy [Poster]. World Congress of Brachytherapy. Published in Radiotherapy and Oncology, 158. External link


Lopera, D. O. G., Picot, F., Shams, R., Dallaire, F., Sheehy, G., Alley, S., Barkati, M., Delouya, G., Carrier, J.-F., Birlea, M., Trudel, D., Leblond, F., Menard, C., & Kadoury, S. (2022). Image-guided Raman spectroscopy navigation system to improve transperineal prostate cancer detection. Part 2: in-vivo tumor-targeting using a classification model combining spectral and MRI-radiomics features. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 27(9), 095004 (16 pages). External link


Picot, F., Shams, R., Dallaire, F., Sheehy, G., Trang, T., Grajales, D., Birlea, M., Trudel, D., Menard, C., Kadoury, S., & Leblond, F. (2022). Image-guided Raman spectroscopy navigation system to improve transperineal prostate cancer detection. Part 1: Raman spectroscopy fiber-optics system and in situ tissue characterization. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 27(9), 095003 (14 pages). External link


Shams, R., Le, W., Weihs, A., & Kadoury, S. (2021, April). Intensity-Based Wasserstein Distance as a Loss Measure for Unsupervised Deformable Deep Registration [Paper]. 18th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2021), Nice, France. External link

Shams, R., Picot, F., Grajales, D., Sheehy, G., Dallaire, F., Birlea, M., Saad, F., Trudel, D., Menard, C., Leblond, F., & Kadoury, S. (2020). Pre-clinical evaluation of an image-guided in-situ Raman spectroscopy navigation system for targeted prostate cancer interventions. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 15(5), 867-876. External link

Shams, R., Boucher, M.-A., & Kadoury, S. (2018, September). Intra-operative brain shift correction with weighted locally linear correlations of 3DUS and MRI [Paper]. International Workshop on Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS 2018), the International Workshop on Bio-Imaging and Visualization for Patient-Customized Simulations (BIVPCS 2017), the International Workshop on Correction of Brainshift with Intra-Operative Ultr, Granada, Spain. External link


Xiao, Y., Rivaz, H., Chabanas, M., Fortin, M., Machado, I., Ou, Y., Heinrich, M. P., Schnabel, J. A., Zhon, X., Maier, A., Wein, W., Shams, R., Kadoury, S., Drobny, D., Modat, M., & Reinertsen, I. (2020). Evaluation of MRI to Ultrasound Registration Methods for Brain Shift Correction: The CuRIOUS2018 Challenge. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 39(3), 777-786. External link

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