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Beaudry, C., Tahmooresnejad, L., Schiffauerova, A., & Moazami, A. (2012). Impact du financement public sur le développement de la nanotechnologie - Une comparaison du Québec, du Canada et des États-Unis. (Technical Report). Unavailable

Beaudry, C., & Schiffauerova, A. (2011). Is Canadian intellectual property leaving Canada? A study of nanotechnology patenting. The Journal of Technology Transfer, 36(6), 665-679. Available

Beaudry, C., & Schiffauerova, A. (2011). Impacts of collaboration and network indicators on patent quality: The case of Canadian nanotechnology innovation. European Management Journal, 29(5), 362-376. Available

Beaudry, C., & Schiffauerova, A. (2009). Who's right, Marshall or Jacobs? The localization versus urbanization debate. Research Policy, 38(2), 318-337. Available

Beaudry, C., & Schiffauerova, A. (2009). Geographical aspects of collaborative networks in Canadian biotechnology clusters. In Nolin, T. P. (ed.), Handbook of regional economics (193-221). Unavailable


Ghiasi, G., Beaudry, C., Larivière, V., St-Pierre, C., Schiffauerova, A., & Harsh, M. (2021). Who profits from the Canadian nanotechnology reward system? Implications for gender-responsible innovation. Scientometrics, 126(9), 7937-7991. External link


Schiffauerova, A., & Beaudry, C. (2012). Collaboration spaces in Canadian biotechnology: A search for gatekeepers. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 29(2), 281-306. Available

Schiffauerova, A., & Beaudry, C. (2012). Who owns the intellectual property and where? The case of Canadian biotechnology. International Journal of Biotechnology, 12(3), 147. Available

Schiffauerova, A., & Beaudry, C. (2011). Star scientists and their positions in the Canadian biotechnology network. Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 20(4), 343-366. Available

Schiffauerova, A., & Beaudry, C. (2009). Canadian nanotechnology innovation networks: intra-cluster, inter-cluster and foreign collaboration. Journal of Innovation Economics, 2(4), 119-146. Available

Schiffauerova, A. (2008). Knowledge flows in clusters and innovation networks : the case of canadian biotechnology and nanotechnology [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available

Schiffauerova, A., & Thomson, V. (2006). Managing cost of quality: Insight into industry practice. TQM Magazine, 18(5), 542-550. External link


Tahmooresnejad, L., Beaudry, C., & Schiffauerova, A. (2015). The role of public funding in nanotechnology scientific production: Where Canada stands in comparison to the United States. Scientometrics, 102(1), 753-787. Available

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