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Goeury, K., Vo Duy, S., Munoz, G., Prévost, M., & Sauve, S. (2022). Assessment of automated off-line solid-phase extraction LC-MS/MS to monitor EPA priority endocrine disruptors in tap water, surface water, and wastewater. Talanta, 241, 12 pages. External link

Liu, Z., Solliec, M., Papineau, I., Lompe, K. , Mohseni, M., Berube, P. R., Sauve, S., & Barbeau, B. (2022). Elucidating the removal of organic micropollutants on biological ion exchange resins. Science of The Total Environment, 808, 152137 (8 pages). External link

Hachad, M., Lanoue, M., Duy, S. V., Villemur, R., Sauve, S., Prévost, M., & Dorner, S. (2022). Locating illicit discharges in storm sewers in urban areas using multi-parameter source tracking: Field validation of a toolbox composite index to prioritize high risk areas. Science of The Total Environment, 811, 152060 (10 pages). External link

Liu, Z., Mohseni, M., Sauve, S., & Barbeau, B. (2022). Segmented regeneration of ion exchange resins used for natural organic matter removal. Separation and Purification Technology, 303, 122271 (9 pages). External link

Jalili, F., Trigui, H., Guerra Maldonado, J. F., Dorner, S., Zamyadi, A., Shapiro, B. J., Terrat, Y., Fortin, N., Sauve, S., & Prévost, M. (2021). Can cyanobacterial diversity in the source predict the diversity in sludge and the risk of toxin release in a drinking water treatment plant? Toxins, 13(1), 25 (19 pages). Available

Liu, Z., Haddad, M., Sauve, S., & Barbeau, B. (2021). Alleviating the burden of ion exchange brine in water treatment: From operational strategies to brine management. Water Research, 205, 117728 (13 pages). External link

Dixit, F., Munoz, G., Mirzaei, M., Barbeau, B., Liu, J., Duy, S. V., Sauve, S., Kandasubramanian, B., & Mohseni, M. (2021). Removal of Zwitterionic PFAS by MXenes: Comparisons with Anionic, Nonionic, and PFAS-Specific Resins. Environmental Science and Technology, 56(10), 6212-6222. External link

Liu, Z., Lompe, K. M., Mohseni, M., Berube, P. R., Sauve, S., & Barbeau, B. (2020). Biological ion exchange as an alternative to biological activated carbon for drinking water treatment. Water Research, 168, 9 pages. External link

Haddad, M., Oie, C., Vo Duy, S., Sauve, S., & Barbeau, B. (2019). Adsorption of micropollutants present in surface waters onto polymeric resins: Impact of resin type and water matrix on performance. Science of The Total Environment, 660, 1449-1458. External link

Yarahmadi, H., Duy, S. V., Barbeau, B., Zamyadi, A., Sauve, S., & Prévost, M. (2019). Effect of temperature on oxidation kinetics of testosterone and progestogens by ozone. Journal of Water Process Engineering, 31, 100879 (9 pages). External link

Tallec, G., Loh, C., Liberelle, B., Garcia-Ac, A., Duy, S. V., Sauve, S., Banquy, X., Murschel, F., & De Crescenzo, G. (2018). Adequate reducing conditions enable conjugation of oxidized peptides to polymers by one-pot thiol click chemistry. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 29(11), 3866-3876. External link

Yarahmadi, H., Duy, S. V., Hachad, M., Dorner, S., Sauve, S., & Prévost, M. (2018). Seasonal variations of steroid hormones released by wastewater treatment plants to river water and sediments: Distribution between particulate and dissolved phases. Science of The Total Environment, 635, 144-155. External link

Cormier, G., Barbeau, B., Arp, H. P. H., & Sauve, S. (2015). The degradation behaviour of nine diverse contaminants in urban surface water and wastewater prior to water treatment. Environmental Science-Processes & Impacts, 17(12), 2051-2065. External link

Pongmala, K., Autixier, L., Madoux-Humery, A.-S., Fuamba, M., Galarneau, M., Sauve, S., Prévost, M., & Dorner, S. (2015). Modelling total suspended solids, E. coli and carbamazepine, a tracer of wastewater contamination from combined sewer overflows. Journal of Hydrology, 531(Part 3), 830-839. External link

Lessard, I., Sauve, S., & Deschênes, L. (2014). Enzymatic functional stability of Zn-contaminated field-collected soils: An ecotoxicological perspective. Science of The Total Environment, 484, 1-9. External link

Oulhote, Y., Mergler, D., Barbeau, B., Bellinger, D. C., Bouffard, T., Brodeur, M.-E., Saint-Amour, D., Legrand, M., Sauve, S., & Bouchard, M. F. (2014). Neurobehavioral Function in School-Age Children Exposed to Manganese in Drinking Water. Environmental Health Perspectives, 122(12), 1343-1350. External link

Guerineau, H., Dorner, S., Carriere, A., McQuaid, N., Sauve, S., Aboulfadl, K., Hajj-Mohamad, M., & Prévost, M. (2014). Source tracking of leaky sewers: A novel approach combining fecal indicators in water and sediments. Water Research, 58, 50-61. External link

Fayad, P. B., Prévost, M., & Sauve, S. (2013). On-line solid-phase extraction coupled to liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry optimized for the analysis of steroid hormones in urban wastewaters. Talanta, 115, 349-360. External link

Madoux-Humery, A.-S., Dorner, S., Sauve, S., Aboulfadl, K., Galarneau, M., Servais, P., & Prévost, M. (2013). Temporal variability of combined sewer overflow contaminants: Evaluation of wastewater micropollutants as tracers of fecal contamination. Water Research, 47(13), 4370-4382. External link

Daneshvar, A., Aboulfadl, K., Viglino, L., Broseus, R., Sauve, S., Madoux-Humery, A.-S., Weyhenmeyer, G. A., & Prévost, M. (2012). Evaluating Pharmaceuticals and Caffeine as Indicators of Fecal Contamination in Drinking Water Sources of the Greater Montréal Region. Chemosphere, 88(1), 131-139. External link

Sauve, S., Aboulfadl, K., Dorner, S., Payment, P., Deschamps, G., & Prévost, M. (2012). Fecal coliforms, caffeine and carbamazepine in stormwater collection systems in a large urban area. Chemosphere, 86(2), 118-123. External link

Carriere, A., Brouillon, M., Sauve, S., Bouchard, M. F., & Barbeau, B. (2011). Performance of point-of-use devices to remove manganese from drinking water. Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part A,Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering, 46(6), 601-607. External link

Fayad, P. B., Prévost, M., & Sauve, S. (2010). Laser diode thermal desorption/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization tandem mass spectrometry analysis of selected steroid hormones in wastewater: Method optimization and application. Analytical Chemistry, 82(2), 639-645. External link

Garcia-Ac, A., Broseus, R., Vincent, S., Barbeau, B., Prévost, M., & Sauve, S. (2010). Oxidation kinetics of cyclophosphamide and methotrexate by ozone in drinking water. Chemosphere, 79(11), 1056-1063. External link

Garcia-Ac, A., Segura, P. A., Viglino, L., Furtos, A., Gagnon, C., Prévost, M., & Sauve, S. (2009). On-line solid-phase extraction of large-volume injections coupled to liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for the quantitation and confirmation of 14 selected trace organic contaminants in drinking and surface water. Journal of Chromatography A, 1216(48), 8518-8527. External link

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