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Cohen-Adad, J., El Mendili, M. M., Lehéricy, S., Pradat, P. F., Blancho, S., Rossignol, S., & Benali, H. (2011). Demyelination and degeneration in the injured human spinal cord detected with diffusion and magnetization transfer MRI. NeuroImage, 55(3), 1024-1033. External link

Cohen-Adad, J., Leblond, H., Delivet-Mongrain, H., Martinez, M., Benali, H., & Rossignol, S. (2011). Wallerian degeneration after spinal cord lesions in cats detected with diffusion tensor imaging. NeuroImage, 57(3), 1068-1076. External link

Cohen-Adad, J., Gauthier, C. J., Brooks, J. C. W., Slessarev, M., Han, J., Fisher, J. A., Rossignol, S., & Hoge, R. D. (2010). BOLD signal responses to controlled hypercapnia in human spinal cord. NeuroImage, 50(3), 1074-1084. External link

Cohen-Adad, J., Hoge, R. D., Leblond, H., Xie, G., Beaudoin, G., Song, A. W., Krueger, G., Doyon, J., Benali, H., & Rossignol, S. (2009). Investigations on spinal cord fMRI of cats under ketamine. NeuroImage, 44(2), 328-339. External link

Cohen-Adad, J., Gauthier, C., Rossignol, S., Benali, H., & Hoge, R. D. (2008, May). BOLD signal responses to controlled hypercapnia in human spinal cord [Paper]. ISMRM 16th Scientific Meeting & Exhibition, Toronton, On. External link

Cohen-Adad, J., Descoteaux, M., Rossignol, S., Hoge, R. D., Deriche, R., & Benali, H. (2008). Detection of multiple pathways in the spinal cord using q-ball imaging. NeuroImage, 42(2), 739-749. External link

Cohen-Adad, J., Benali, H., Hoge, R. D., & Rossignol, S. (2008). In vivo DTI of the healthy and injured cat spinal cord at high spatial and angular resolution. NeuroImage, 40(2), 685-697. External link

Cohen-Adad, J., Chapuisat, S., Doyon, J., Rossignol, S., Lina, J. M., Benali, H., & Lesage, F. (2007). Activation detection in diffuse optical imaging by means of the general linear model. Medical Image Analysis, 11(6), 616-629. External link


El Mendili, M.-M., Cohen-Adad, J., Blancho, S., Morizot-Koutlidis, R., Lehéricy, S., Rossignol, S., Benali, H., & Pradat, P.-F. (2012, May). Spinal MRI atrophy study in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and spinal muscular atrophy [Paper]. 10th annual ENCALS European Network for the Cure for ALS, Dublin, Irelande. External link


Farooq, H., Genis, H., Alarcon, J., Vuong, B., Jivraj, J., Yang, V. X. D., Cohen-Adad, J., Fehlings, M. G., & Cadotte, D. W. (2015). High-resolution imaging of the central nervous system: how novel imaging methods combined with navigation strategies will advance patient care. In Dancause, N., Nadeau, S., & Rossignol, S. (eds.), Sensorimotor rehabilitation at the crossroads of basic and clinical sciences (Vol. 218, 55-78). External link


Rossignol, S., Barrière, G., Frigon, A., Cohen-Adad, J., & Benali, H. (2009, June). Optimizing locomotion after spinal lesions [Abstract]. 2009 Cellular and Network Functions in the Spinal Cord, Wisconsin-Madison. Unavailable


Xie, G., Piché, M., Khoshnejad, M., Perlbarg, V., Chen, J. I., Hoge, R. D., Benali, H., Rossignol, S., Rainville, P., & Cohen-Adad, J. (2012). Reduction of physiological noise with independent component analysis improves the detection of nociceptive responses with fMRI of the human spinal cord. NeuroImage, 63(1), 245-252. External link

Xie, G., Piché, M., Cohen-Adad, J., Kosh Nejad, M., Perlbarg, V., Hoge, R., Benali, H., Rossignol, S., & Rainville, P. (2008, November). Characterizing and controlling for physiological noise in human cervical spinal fMRI in response to noxious stimuli. [Paper]. 38th Annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, Washington, D.C.. Unavailable

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