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Ferdman, B., Nehme, E., Weiss, L., Orange, R., Alalouf, O., & Shechtman, Y. (2020). VIPR: vectorial implementation of phase retrieval for fast and accurate microscopic pixel-wise pupil estimation. Optics Express, 28(7), 10179-10198. External link


Granik, N., Weiss, L., Nehme, E., Levin, M., Chein, M., Perlson, E., Roichman, Y., & Shechtman, Y. (2019). Single-Particle Diffusion Characterization by Deep Learning. Biophysical Journal, 117(2), 185-192. External link


Naor, T., Nogin, Y., Nehme, E., Ferdman, B., Weiss, L., Alalouf, O., & Shechtman, Y. (2022). Quantifying cell cycle dependent chromatin dynamics during interphase by live 3D tracking. iScience, 25(5), 18 pages. External link

Nehme, E., Freedman, D., Gordon, R., Ferdman, B., Weiss, L., Alalouf, O., Naor, T., Orange, R., Michaeli, T., & Shechtman, Y. (2020). DeepSTORM3D: dense 3D localization microscopy and PSF design by deep learning. Nature Methods, 17(7), 734-740. External link

Nehme, E., Weiss, L., Michaeli, T., & Shechtman, Y. (2018). Deep-STORM: super-resolution single-molecule microscopy by deep learning. Optica, 5(4), 458-464. External link


Orange-Kedem, R., Nehme, E., Weiss, L., Ferdman, B., Alalouf, O., Opatovski, N., & Shechtman, Y. (2021). 3D printable diffractive optical elements by liquid immersion. Nature Communications, 12(1), 3067-3067. External link


Saguy, A., Baldering, T. N., Weiss, L., Nehme, E., Karathanasis, C., Dietz, M. S., Heilemann, M., & Shechtman, Y. (2021). Automated Analysis of Fluorescence Kinetics in Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy Data Reveals Protein Stoichiometry. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 125(22), 5716-5721. External link

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