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Jalili, F., Moradinejad, S., Zamyadi, A., Dorner, S., Sauvé, S., & Prévost, M. (2022). Evidence-based framework to manage cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins in water and sludge from drinking water treatment plants. Toxins, 14(6), 24 pages. External link


Ma, L., Moradinejad, S., Guerra Maldonado, J. F., Zamyadi, A., Dorner, S., & Prévost, M. (2022). Factors Affecting the Interpretation of Online Phycocyanin Fluorescence to Manage Cyanobacteria in Drinking Water Sources. Water (Switzerland), 14(22), 20 pages. External link

Moradinejad, S. (2021). Characterization of Phenomena Governing Oxidation of Cyanobacteria Through Metagenomics [Ph.D. thesis, Polytechnique Montréal]. Available

Moradinejad, S., Trigui, H., Maldonado, J. F. G., Shapiro, B. J., Terrat, Y., Sauvé, S., Fortin, N., Zamyadi, A., Dorner, S., & Prévost, M. (2021). Metagenomic study to evaluate functional capacity of a cyanobacterial bloom during oxidation. Chemical Engineering Journal Advances, 8, 11 pages. External link

Moradinejad, S., Trigui, H., Guerra Maldonado, J. F., Shapiro, J., Terrat, Y., Zamyadi, A., Dorner, S., & Prévost, M. (2020). Diversity Assessment of Toxic Cyanobacterial Blooms during Oxidation. Toxins, 12(11), 728 (21 pages). Available

Moradinejad, S., Glover, C. M., Mailly, J., Seighalani, T. Z., Peldszus, S., Barbeau, B., Dorner, S., Prévost, M., & Zamyadi, A. (2019). Using advanced spectroscopy and organic matter characterization to evaluate the impact of oxidation on cyanobacteria. Toxins, 11(5), 278 (14 pages). Available


Nisol, B., Watson, S., Leblanc, Y., Moradinejad, S., Wertheimer, M. R., & Zamyadi, A. (2018). Cold plasma oxidation of harmful algae and associated metabolite BMAA toxin in aqueous suspension. Plasma Processes and Polymers, 16(2), 6 pages. External link

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