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Bédard, É., Levesque, S., Martin, P., Pinsonneault, L., Paranjape, K., Lalancette, C., Dolce, C.-É., Villion, M., Valiquette, L., Faucher, S. P., & Prévost, M. (2016). Energy conservation and the promotion of Legionella pneumophila growth: The probable role of heat exchangers in a nosocomial outbreak. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 37(12), 1475-1480. Available

Bédard, É., Boppe, I., Kouame, S., Martin, P., Pinsonneault, L., Valiquette, L., Racine, J., & Prévost, M. (2016). Combination of heat shock and enhanced thermal regime to control the growth of a persistent Legionella pneumophila strain. Pathogens, 5(2). Available


Mekhilef, N., Carreau, P., Favis, B. D., Martin, P., & Ouhlal, A. (2000). Viscoelastic Properties and Interfacial Tension of Polystyrene- Polyethylene Blends. Journal of Polymer Science. Part B: Polymer Physics, 38(10), 1359-1368. External link


Smith, A. L., Verleg, M. N., Vlieland, J., de Haas, D., Ocadiz-Flores, J. A., Martin, P., Rothe, J., Dardenne, K., Salanne, M., Gheribi, A. E., Capelli, E., van Eijck, L., & Konings, R. J. M. (2019). In situ high-temperature EXAFS measurements on radioactive and air-sensitive molten salt materials. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 26(Pt .1), 124-136. Available

Smith, A. L., Ocadiz-Flores, J. A., Capelli, E., Alders, D., van Oudenaren, G., Gheribi, A. E., Martin, P., Rothe, J., Dardenne, K., & Konings, R. J. M. (2019, May). Coupled structural and thermodynamic modelling of molten salt fuel properties [Presentation]. In 11th International Symposium on Molten Salts (MS11 2019), Orléans, France. Unavailable

Smith, A. L., Gheribi, A. E., Ocadiz-Flores, J. A., Capelli, E., Alders, D., van Oudenaren, G., Martin, P., & Rothe, J. (2018, October). A new approach for comprehensive modelling of molten salt properties [Presentation]. In Thorium Energy Conference 2018, Brussels, Belgium. Unavailable

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