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Damseh, R., Lu, Y., Lu, X., Zhang, C., Marchand, P. J., Corbin, D., Pouliot, P., Cheriet, F., & Lesage, F. (2021). A simulation study investigating potential diffusion-based MRI signatures of microstrokes. Scientific Reports, 11(1), 14229 (15 pages). Available


Lu, Y., Lu, X., Zhang, C., Marchand, P. J., & Lesage, F. (2020). Longitudinal optical coherence tomography imaging of tissue repair and microvasculature regeneration and function after targeted cerebral ischemia. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 25(4), 15 pages. External link

Lu, X., Moeini, M., Li, B., de Montgolfier, O., Lu, Y., Belanger, S., Thorin, E., & Lesage, F. (2020). Voluntary exercise increases brain tissue oxygenation and spatially homogenizes oxygen delivery in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Neurobiology of Aging, 88, 11-23. External link

Lu, Y. (2019). Développement des systèmes d'imagerie basés sur la tomographie par cohérence optique visant l'étude des maladies cardiovasculaires [Ph.D. thesis, Polytechnique Montréal]. Available

Lu, Y., Zhang, C., Lu, X., Moeini, M., Thorin, E., & Lesage, F. (2019). Impact of atherosclerotic disease on cerebral microvasculature and tissue oxygenation in awake LDLR-/-hApoB+/+ transgenic mice. Neurophotonics, 6(4), 045003 (10 pages). Available

Lu, X., Moeini, M., Li, B., Lu, Y., Damseh, R., Pouliot, P., Thorin, E., & Lesage, F. (2019). A Pilot Study Investigating Changes in Capillary Hemodynamics and Its Modulation by Exercise in the APP-PS1 Alzheimer Mouse Model. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 13, 1261 (12 pages). External link

Lu, Y., Abran, M., Cloutier, G., & Lesage, F. (2018, January). Catheter-based time-gated near-infrared fluorescence/OCT imaging system [Paper]. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Light in Cardiology, San Francisco, CA. External link


Saha, S., Lu, Y., Weyers, S., Lesage, F., & Sawan, M. (2020). Compact Optical Probe for Time-Resolved NIRS-Imaging. IEEE Sensors Journal, 20(11), 6101-6113. External link

Saha, S., Lu, Y., Lesage, F., & Sawan, M. (2019). Wearable SiPM-based NIRS Interface Integrated with Pulsed Laser Source. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, 13(6), 1313-1323. External link

Saha, S., Lu, Y., Weyers, S., Sawan, M., & Lesage, F. (2018). Compact Fast Optode-based Probe for Single-Photon Counting Applications. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 30(17), 1515-1518. External link

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