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Abdul Wahab, O., Kara N, N., Edstrom, C., & Lemieux, Y. (2021). Machine learning method for adaptive virtual network functions placement and readjustment. (Patent no. US11303722). External link

Abdul Wahab, O., Kara, N., Edstrom, C., & Lemieux, Y. (2019). MAPLE: A machine learning approach for efficient placement and adjustment of virtual network functions. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 142, 37-50. External link

Ali, R. B., Pierre, S., & Lemieux, Y. (2005). UMTS-to-IP QoS mapping for voice and video telephony services. IEEE Network, 19(2), 26-32. External link


Ben Ali, R., Lemieux, Y., & Pierre, S. (2005). Refined quality of service mapping for a multimedia session. (Patent Application no. US20050058068). External link

Ben Ali, R., Pierre, S., & Lemieux, Y. (2004, May). DiffServ QoS performance evaluation of multimedia telephony [Paper]. Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE 2004), Niagara Falls, Ont., Canada. External link


Cheriet, M., Lemieux, Y., Nguyen, K. K., Farrahi Moghaddam, R., Khazri, S., Samson, R., Maurice, E., Dandres, T., & Vandromme, N. (2014, August). Life cycle assessment of videoconferencing with call management servers relying on virtualization [Paper]. 2014 Conference ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S-14), Stockhom, Switzerland. Published in Advances in Computer Science Research (vol. 2), 2. Available


Dandres, T., Vandromme, N., Obrekht, G., Wong, A., Nguyen, K. K., Lemieux, Y., Cheriet, M., & Samson, R. (2017). Consequences of future data center deployment in Canada on electricity generation and environmental impacts: a 2015-2030 prospective study. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 21(5), 1312-1322. Available

Dandres, T., Farrahi Moghaddam, R., Nguyen, K. K., Lemieux, Y., Samson, R., & Cheriet, M. (2017). Consideration of marginal electricity in real-time minimization of distributed data centre emissions. Journal of Cleaner Production, 143, 116-124. Available

Dandres, T., Farrahi Moghaddam, R., Nguyen, K., Lemieux, Y., Cheriet, M., & Samson, R. (2015, October). Applications and challenges of life cycle assessment in the context of a green sustainable telco cloud [Paper]. EAI International Conference on Smart Sustainable City Technologies (S2CT 2015), part of SmartCity360, Toronto, Ontario. External link

Dandres, T., Samson, R., Moghaddam, R. F., Nguyen, K. K., Cheriet, M., & Lemieux, Y. (2016, October). The green sustainable telco cloud: Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions of server load migrations between distributed data centres [Paper]. 12th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2016), Montréal, Québec. External link


Farrahi Moghaddam, R., Farrahi Moghaddam, F., Dandres, T., Lemieux, Y., Samson, R., & Cheriet, M. (2014, August). Challenges and complexities in application of LCA approaches in the case of ICT for a sustainable future [Paper]. 2nd International Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S 2014), Stockholm, Sweden (10 pages). Available


Houeto, F., Pierre, S., Beaubrun, R., & Lemieux, Y. (2002). Reliability and cost evaluation of third-generation wireless access network topologies: a case study. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 51(2), 229-239. External link


Lemieux, Y. (2005). Évolution du protocole GTP dans un contexte de VPN et de mobilité-IP [Master's thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available


St-Onge, C., Kara, N., Abdul Wahab, O., Edstrom, C., & Lemieux, Y. (2020). Detection of time series patterns and periodicity of cloud computing workloads. Future Generation Computer Systems, 109, 249-261. External link

Samson, R., Cherriet, M., Lemieux, Y., Nguyen, K., Farrahi Moghaddam, R., Dandres, T., & Maurice, E. (2014, August). Modelling of electricity mix in temporal differentiated life-cycle-assessment to minimize carbon footprint of a cloud computing service [Paper]. 2014 Conference ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S-14), Stockhom, Switzerland. Published in Advances in Computer Science Research, 2. Available

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