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Bard, N., Foerster, J. N., Anbil Parthipan, S. C., Burch, N., Lanctot, M., Song, H. F., Parisotto, E., Dumoulin, V., Moitra, S., Hughes, E., Dunning, I., Mourad, S., Larochelle, H., Bellemare, M. G., & Bowling, M. (2020). The Hanabi challenge: A new frontier for AI research. Artificial Intelligence, 280, 19 pages. External link

Rohrbach, A., Torabi, A., Rohrbach, M., Tandon, N., Pal, C. J., Larochelle, H., Courville, A., & Schiele, B. (2017). Movie description. International Journal of Computer Vision, 123(1), 94-120. Available

Havaei, M., Davy, A., Warde-Farley, D., Biard, A., Courville, A., Bengio, Y., Pal, C. J., Jodoin, P.-M., & Larochelle, H. (2017). Brain tumor segmentation with Deep Neural Networks. Medical Image Analysis, 35, 18-31. External link

De Vries, H., Strub, F., Anbil Parthipan, S. C., Pietquin, O., Larochelle, H., & Courville, A. (2017, July). GuessWhat?! Visual Object Discovery through Multi-modal Dialogue [Paper]. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2017), Honolulu, HI, USA. External link

Anbil Parthipan, S. C., Khapra, M. M., Larochelle, H., & Ravindran, B. (2016). Correlational Neural Networks. Neural Computation, 28(2), 257-285. External link

Yao, L., Torabi, A., Cho, K., Ballas, N., Pal, C. J., Larochelle, H., & Courville, A. (2015, December). Describing videos by exploiting temporal structure [Paper]. 15th IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2015), Santiago, Chile. External link

Maier, O., Menze, B. H., der Gablentz, J. , Häni, L., Heinrich, M. P., Liebrand, M., Winzeck, S., Basit, A., Bentley, P., Chen, L., Christiaens, D., Dutil, F., Egger, K., Feng, C., Glocker, B., Götz, M., Haeck, T., Halme, H.-L., Havaei, M., ... Reyes, M. (2015, October). ISLES 2015 - A public evaluation benchmark for ischemic stroke lesion segmentation from multispectral MRI [Paper]. Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation (ISLES) challenge organized in conjunction with the MICCAI 2015 conference, Munich, Germany. Published in Medical Image Analysis, 35. External link

Havaei, M., Dutil, F., Pal, C. J., Larochelle, H., & Jodoin, P.-M. (2015, October). A Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Brain Tumor Segmentation [Paper]. 1st International Workshop on Brain Lesion (BrainLes 2015), Munich, Germany. External link

Anbil Parthipan, S. C., Lauly, S., Larochelle, H., Khapra, M. M., Ravindran, B., Raykar, V., & Saha, A. (2014, December). An autoencoder approach to learning bilingual word representations [Paper]. 27th International Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, Montréal, Qc, Canada. External link

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