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Bowling, L. C., Zamyadi, A., & Henderson, R. K. (2016). Assessment of in situ fluorometry to measure cyanobacterial presence in water bodies with diverse cyanobacterial populations. Water Research, 105, 22-33. External link


Faruqi, A., Henderson, M., Henderson, R. K., Stuetz, R., Gladman, B., McDowall, B., & Zamyadi, A. (2018). Removal of algal taste and odour compounds by granular and biological activated carbon in full-scale water treatment plants. Water Science and Technology : Water Supply, 18(5), 1531-1544. External link


Khan, S., Zamyadi, A., Rao, N. R. H., Li, X., Stuetz, R. M., & Henderson, R. K. (2019). Fluorescence spectroscopic characterisation of algal organic matter: Towards improved: In situ fluorometer development. Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, 5(2), 417-432. External link


Naceradska, J., Pivokonsky, M., Pivokonska, L., Baresova, M., Henderson, R. K., Zamyadi, A., & Janda, V. (2017). The impact of pre-oxidation with potassium permanganate on cyanobacterial organic matter removal by coagulation. Water Research, 114, 42-49. External link


Zamyadi, A., Romanis, C., Mills, T., Neilan, B., Choo, F., Coral, L. A., Gale, D., Newcombe, G., Crosbie, N., Stuetz, R., & Henderson, R. K. (2019). Diagnosing water treatment critical control points for cyanobacterial removal: Exploring benefits of combined microscopy, next-generation sequencing, and cell integrity methods. Water Research, 152, 96-105. External link

Zamyadi, A., Henderson, R. K., Newton, K., Capelo-Neto, J., & Newcombe, G. (2018). Assessment of the water treatment process's empirical model predictions for the management of aesthetic and health risks associated with cyanobacteria. Water, 10(5), 590. Available

Zamyadi, A., Henderson, R. K., Stuetz, R., Newcombe, G., Newtown, K., & Gladman, B. (2016). Cyanobacterial management in full-scale water treatment and recycling processes: reactive dosing following intensive monitoring. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 2(2), 362-375. External link

Zamyadi, A., Choo, F., Newcombe, G., Stuetz, R., & Henderson, R. K. (2016). A review of monitoring technologies for real-time management of cyanobacteria: Recent advances and future direction. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 85, 83-96. External link

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