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Oraevsky, A. A., Wang, L. V., Hatef, A., Darvish, B., Dagallier, A., Boutopoulos, C., & Meunier, M. (2016, February). Analysis of photoacoustic response from plasmonic nanostructures irradiated by ultrafast laser in water [Paper]. Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing, part of Photonics West 2016, San Francisco, California, United States. External link

Sadeghi, S. M., Dagallier, A., Hatef, A., & Meunier, M. (2016). Collective modes in multipolar plasmonic lattices: control of interparticle-gap upward/downward energy streams. Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics, 33(7), 1502-1510. External link

Hatef, A., Darvish, B., Burke, A., Dagallier, A., & Meunier, M. (2016). Computational characterization of plasma effects in ultrafast laser irradiation of spherical gold nanostructures for photothermal therapy. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49(10). External link


Hatef, A., Darvish, B., Dagallier, A., Davletshin, Y. R., Johnston, W., Kumaradas, J. C., Rioux, D., & Meunier, M. (2015). Analysis of photoacoustic response from gold-silver alloy nanoparticles irradiated by short pulsed laser in water. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119(42), 24075-24080. External link

Hatef, A., Fortin-Deschnes, S., Boulais, É., Lesage, F., & Meunier, M. (2015). Photothermal response of hollow gold nanoshell to laser irradiation: Continuous wave, short and ultrashort pulse. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 89, 866-871. External link

Hatef, A., & Meunier, M. (2015). Plasma-mediated photothermal effects in ultrafast laser irradiation of gold nanoparticle dimers in water. Optics Express, 23(3), 1967-1980. External link


Sadeghi, S. M., Hood, B., Nejat, A., West, R. G., & Hatef, A. (2014). Excitation intensity dependence of plasmonic enhancement of energy transfer between quantum dots. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 47(16). External link

Hatef, A., Fortin-Deschenes, S., & Meunier, M. (2013, August). Simulation of nanosecond laser-induced thermal dynamics of hollow gold nanoshells for hyperthermia therapy [Paper]. 3rd International Conference on Nanomaterials: Electronic, Photonic, Plasmonic, Phononic and Magnetic Properties of Nanomaterials (ICN 2013), London, Canada. External link


Hatef, A., Sadeghi, S. M., Simon, F.-D., Boulais, E., & Meunier, M. (2013). Coherently-enabled environmental control of optics and energy transfer pathways of hybrid quantum dot-metallic nanoparticle systems. Optics Express, 21(5), 5643-5653. External link

Hatef, A., Sadeghi, S. M., Boulais, E., & Meunier, M. (2013). Quantum dot-metallic nanorod sensors via exciton-plasmon interaction. Nanotechnology, 24(1). External link

Tawil, N., Hatef, A., Sacher, E., Maisonneuve, M., Gervais, T., Mandeville, R., & Meunier, M. (2013). Surface plasmon resonance determination of the binding mechanisms of l-cysteine and mercaptoundecanoic acid on gold. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117(13), 6712-6718. External link


Hatef, A., Sadeghi, S. M., & Singh, M. R. (2012). Coherent Molecular Resonances in Quantum Dot-Metallic Nanoparticle Systems : Coherent Self-Renormalization and Structural Effects. Nanotechnology, 23(20), 205203-205203. External link

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