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Godbout, N., Daxhelet, X., Lacroix, S., & Gonthier, F. (2006, September). Wavelength independent fused fibre couplers based on group velocity equalization [Paper]. 32nd European Conference on Optical Communication, Cannes, France. External link


Gonthier, F., Martineau, L., Bourgeois, S., & Daxhelet, X. (2001, January). Gain flattening filters for submarine optical amplifiers: optical properties of tapered fiber filters [Paper]. Suboptic 2001 international convention, Kyoto, Japan. Unavailable

Daxhelet, X., & Gonthier, F. (2000, November). Optical properties of tapered fiber filters for telecommunication applications [Paper]. Optical Devices for Fiber Communication II, Boston, MA, USA. External link


Perron, D., Daxhelet, X., Gonthier, F., & Lacroix, S. (2000, January). Réalisation de réseaux à longs pas par laser CO₂ [Paper]. 68e congrès de l'ACFAS, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable


Gonthier, F., & Lacroix, S. (1998). Multiport optical waveguide interferometer having a flat wavelength response. (Patent no. US5818584). External link


Daxhelet, X., Lacroix, S., & Gonthier, F. (1997). Fibre mode expansion for 2-D waveguide calculations. Optical and Quantum Electronics, 29(2), 139-150. External link

Bakhti, F., Sansonetti, P., Sinet, C., Gasca, L., Martineau, L., Lacroix, S., Daxhelet, X., & Gonthier, F. (1997). Optical add/drop multiplexer based on UV-written Bragg grating in a fused 100% coupler. Electronics Letters, 33(9), 803-804. External link


Gonthier, F., Stryckman, D., Daxhelet, X., Lacroix, S., Ricard, D., & Bures, J. (1996, January). Coupleurs 1x8 à fibres optiques unimodales fusionnées [Paper]. 64e congrès de l'ACFAS, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable

Daxhelet, X., Lacroix, S., & Gonthier, F. (1996, January). Coupleurs 3x3 tout-fibre [Paper]. 64e congrès de l'ACFAS, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable


Gonthier, F., Daxhelet, X., & Lacroix, S. (1995, January). High isolation tapered fiber filters [Paper]. 21st european conference on optical communications ECOC'95, Bruxelles, Belgium. Unavailable

Dumais, P., Lacroix, S., Gonthier, F., Black, R. J., & Bures, J. (1995). Optimized non-linear effect tapered optical fiber interferometer/switch device. (Patent no. US5479546). External link


Lacroix, S., Gonthier, F., & Bures, J. (1994). Modeling of symmetrical 2x2 fused-fiber couplers. Applied Optics, 33(36), 8361-8369. External link

Gonthier, F., Lacroix, S., & Bures, J. (1994). Numerical calculations of modes of optical waveguides with two-dimensional refractive index profiles by a field correction method. Optical and Quantum Electronics, 26(3), S135-S149. External link


Gonthier, F., Henault, A., Lacroix, S., Black, R. J., & Bures, J. (1991). Mode coupling in nonuniform fibers: comparison between coupled-mode theory and finite-difference beam-propagation method simulations. Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 8(2), 416-421. External link


Lacroix, S., Gonthier, F., Black, R. J., & Bures, J. (1988). Tapered-fiber interferometric wavelength response: the achromatic fringe. Optics Letters, 13(5), 395-395. External link


Gonthier, F., Lapierre, J., Veilleux, C., Lacroix, S., & Bures, J. (1987). Investigation of power oscillations along tapered monomode fibers. Applied Optics, 26(3), 444-9. External link


Lacroix, S., Bourbonnais, R., Gonthier, F., & Bures, J. (1986). Tapered monomode optical fibers: understanding large power transfer. Applied optics, 25(23), 4421-4425. External link

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