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An, Q., Fortin-Deschênes, M., Yu, G., Moutanabbir, O., & Guo, H. (2020). Effects of short-range order and interfacial interactions on the electronic structure of two-dimensional antimony-arsenic alloys. Journal of Applied Physics, 127(2), 12 pages. External link


Fortin-Deschênes, M. (2020). Real-Time and Atomic-Level Studies of the Growth, Phase Transformations and Stability of Two-Dimensional Pnictogens [Ph.D. thesis, Polytechnique Montréal]. Available

Fortin-Deschênes, M., & Moutanabbir, O. (2020, May). (Invited) Growth of Van Der Waals Materials: New Insights from Real-Time Studies [Abstract]. 237th ECS Meeting with the 18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS 2020), Montréal, Canada. Published in ECS Meeting Abstracts, MA2020-01(B06 : 2D L). External link

Fortin-Deschênes, M., Waller, O., An, Q., Lagos, M. J., Botton, G. A., Guo, H., & Moutanabbir, O. (2019). 2D Antimony–Arsenic Alloys. Small, 16(3), 7 pages. External link

Fortin-Deschênes, M., Jacobberger, R. M., Deslauriers, C.-A., Waller, O., Bouthillier, É., Arnold, M. S., & Moutanabbir, O. (2019). Dynamics of Antimonene-Graphene Van Der Waals Growth. Advanced Materials, 31(21), e1900569 (7 pages). External link

Fortin-Deschênes, M., Waller, O., Hébert, A., & Moutanabbir, O. (2017, April). Epitaxial group V 2D materials : growth and electronic properties [Poster]. Materials Research Society Spring Meeting & Exhibit (MRS 2017), Phoenix, Arizona. Unavailable

Fortin-Deschênes, M., Lévesque, P., Martel, R., & Moutanabbir, O. (2017, April). Mechanisms and dynamics of two-dimensional black phosphorus sublimation [Poster]. Materials Research Society Spring Meeting & Exhibit (MRS 2017), Phoenix, Arizona. Unavailable


Jacobberger, R. M., Murray, E. A., Fortin-Deschênes, M., Göltl, F., Behn, W. A., Krebs, Z. J., Levesque, P. L., Savage, D. E., Smoot, C., Lagally, M. G., Desjardins, P., Martel, R., Brar, V., Moutanabbir, O., Mavrikakis, M., & Arnold, M. S. (2019). Alignment of semiconducting graphene nanoribbons on vicinal Ge(001). Nanoscale, 11(11), 4864-4875. External link


Moutanabbir, O., & Fortin-Deschênes, M. (2022). (Invited) Van Der Waals Growth and in Situ Studies of Two-Dimensional Pnictogens. Meeting abstracts, MA2022-01(12), 853-853. External link

Moutanabbir, O., & Fortin-Deschênes, M. (2021). (Invited) Two-Dimensional Pnictogens: Van Der Waals Growth, Stability, and Phase Transformation. ECS Meeting Abstracts, MA2021-01(14), 655-655. External link

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