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Krahn, N., Spearman, M., Meier, M., Dorion-Thibaudeau, J., McDougall, M., Patel, T. R., De Crescenzo, G., Durocher, Y., Stetefeld, J., & Butler, M. (2017). Inhibition of glycosylation on a camelid antibody uniquely affects its FcgammaRI binding activity. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 96, 428-439. External link


Dorion-Thibaudeau, J., St-Laurent, G., Raymond, C., De Crescenzo, G., & Durocher, Y. (2016). Biotinylation of the Fc gamma receptor ectodomains by mammalian cell co-transfection: application to the development of a surface plasmon resonance-based assay. Journal of Molecular Recognition, 29(2), 60-69. External link


Murschel, F., Liberelle, B., St-Laurent, G., Jolicoeur, M., Durocher, Y., & De Crescenzo, G. (2013). Coiled-Coil-Mediated Grafting of Bioactive Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. Acta Biomaterialia, 9(6), 6806-6813. External link


Liberelle, B., Boucher, C., Jolicoeur, M., Durocher, Y., & De Crescenzo, G. (2010). Impact of epidermal growth factor tethering strategy on cellular response. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 21(12), 2257-2266. External link

Liberelle, B., Bartholin, L., Boucher, C., Murschel, F., Jolicoeur, M., Durocher, Y., Merzouki, A., & De Crescenzo, G. (2010). New Elisa Approach Based on Coiled-Coil Interactions. Journal of Immunological Methods, 362(1-2), 161-167. External link

Boucher, C., St-Laurent, G., Jolicoeur, M., De Crescenzo, G., & Durocher, Y. (2010). Protein Detection by Western Blot Via Coiled-Coil Interactions. Analytical Biochemistry, 399(1), 138-140. External link


Ansorge, S., Lanthier, S., Transfiguracion, J., Durocher, Y., Henry, O., & Kamen, A. (2009). Development of a Scalable Process for High-Yield Lentiviral Vector Production by Transient Transfection of Hek293 Suspension Cultures. Journal of Gene Medicine, 11(10), 868-876. External link

Dormond, E., Meneses-Acosta, A., Jacob, D., Durocher, Y., Gilbert, R., Perrier, M., & Kamen, A. (2009). An efficient and scalable process for helper-dependent adenoviral vector production using polyethylenimine-adenofection. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 102(3), 800-810. External link

Boucher, C., Liberelle, B., Jolicoeur, M., Durocher, Y., & De Crescenzo, G. (2009). Epidermal Growth Factor Tethered Through Coiled-Coil Interactions Induces Cell Surface Receptor Phosphorylation. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 20(8), 1569-1577. External link


Jacquemart, R., Chavane, N., Durocher, Y., Hoemann, C. D., De Crescenzo, G., & Jolicoeur, M. (2008). At Line Monitoring of Bioreactor Protein Production by Surface Plamon Resonance. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 100(1), 184-188. External link

De Crescenzo, G., Boucher, C., Durocher, Y., & Jolicoeur, M. (2008). Kinetic characterization by surface plasmon resonance-based biosensors : Principle and emerging trends. Cellular and molecular Bioengineering, 1(4), 204-215. External link

Demolliens, A., Boucher, C., Durocher, Y., Jolicoeur, M., Buschmann, M. D., & De Crescenzo, G. (2008). Tyrosinase-Catalyzed Synthesis of a Universal Coil-Chitosan Bioconjugate for Protein Immobilization. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 19(9), 1849-1854. External link

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