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Alameh, M., Lavertu, M., Tran-Khanh, N., Chang, C.-Y., Lesage, F., Bail, M., Darras, V., Chevrier, A., & Buschmann, M. D. (2018). siRNA delivery with chitosan: influence of chitosan molecular weight, degree of deacetylation, and amine to phosphate ratio on in vitro silencing efficiency, hemocompatibility, biodistribution, and in vivo efficacy. Biomacromolecules, 19(1), 112-131. External link


Buschmann, M. D., Lavertu, M., Nelea, M., Darras, V., Alameh, M. G., Chevrier, A., Tran-Khanh, N., Naeini Tavakoli, A., & Veilleux, D. (2018). Coated chitosan-based polyplex for delivery of nucleic acids. (Patent Application no. US20180028458). External link

Buschmann, M. D., Merzouki, A., Lavertu, M., Thibault, M., Jean, M., & Darras, V. (2013). Chitosans for delivery of nucleic acids. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 65(9), 1234-1270. External link


Darras, V., Nelea, M., Winnik, F. M., & Buschmann, M. D. (2009, July). Chitosan modified with gadolinium diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid for magnetic resonance imaging of DNA/chitosan nanoparticles [Paper]. 13th International IUPAC Conference on Polymers and Organic Chemistry, Montréal Canada. Published in Carbohydrate Polymers, 80(4). External link


Jean, M., Alameh, M., De Jesus, D., Thibault, M., Lavertu, M., Darras, V., Nelea, M., Buschmann, M. D., & Merzouki, A. (2012). Chitosan-Based Therapeutic Nanoparticles for Combination Gene Therapy and Gene Silencing of in Vitro Cell Lines Relevant to Type 2 Diabetes. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 45(1-2), 138-149. External link


Lavertu, M., Darras, V., & Buschmann, M. D. (2012). Kinetics and efficiency of chitosan reacetylation. Carbohydrate Polymers, 87(2), 1192-1198. External link


Merzouki, A., Alameh, M., DeJesus, D., Jean, M., Darras, V., Thibault, M., Lavertu, M., & Buschmann, M. D. (2012). Low molecular weight chitosan nanoparticulate system at low N:P ratio for nontoxic polynucleotide delivery. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 7, 1399-1414. Available


Pickenhahn, V. D., Lavertu, M., Buschmann, M. D., De Crescenzo, G., & Darras, V. (2016). Conjugated chitosans and method of use and of making same. (Patent Application no. WO2016101068). External link

Pickenhahn, V., Darras, V., Dziopa, F., Biniecki, K., De Crescenzo, G., Lavertu, M., & Buschmann, M. D. (2015). Regioselective thioacetylation of chitosan end-groups for nanoparticle gene delivery systems. Chemical Science, 6(8), 4650. Available


Thibault, M., Astolfi, M., Tran-Khanh, N., Lavertu, M., Darras, V., Merzouki, A., & Buschmann, M. D. (2011). Excess polycation mediates efficient chitosan-based gene transfer by promoting lysosomal release of the polyplexes. Biomaterials, 32(20), 4639-4646. External link

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