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Aloise, D., & Contardo, C. (2018). A sampling-based exact algorithm for the solution of the minimax diameter clustering problem. Journal of Global Optimization, 71(3), 613-630. Available


Costa, L., Contardo, C., Desaulniers, G., & Yarkony, J. (2022). Stabilized Column Generation Via the Dynamic Separation of Aggregated Rows. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 34(2), 1141-1156. External link

Contardo, C., & Hertz, A. (2021). An exact algorithm for a class of geometric set-cover problems. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 300, 25-35. External link

Costa, L., Contardo, C., Desaulniers, G., & Pecin, D. (2021). Selective arc-ng pricing for vehicle routing. International Transactions in Operational Research, 28(5), 2633-2690. External link

Costa, L., Contardo, C., & Desaulniers, G. (2019). Exact Branch-Price-and-Cut Algorithms for Vehicle Routing. Transportation Science, 53(4), 946-985. External link

Contardo, C., Desaulniers, G., & Lessard, F. (2015). Reaching the elementary lower bound in the vehicle routing problem with time windows. Networks, 65(1), 88-99. External link

Contardo, C., Morency, C., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2012). Balancing a dynamic public bike-sharing system. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2012-09). External link


Desaulniers, G., Pecin, D., & Contardo, C. (2019). Selective pricing in branch-price-and-cut algorithms for vehicle routing. EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics, 8(2), 147-168. External link


Pecin, D., Contardo, C., Desaulniers, G., & Uchoa, E. (2017). New enhancements for the exact solution of the vehicle routing problem with time windows. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 29(3), 489-502. External link


Rastgar-Amini, F., Aloise, D., Contardo, C., & Desaulniers, G. (2023). Data mining-driven shift enumeration for acceleratiing the solution of large-scale personnel scheduling problems. (Technical Report n° G-2023-61). External link

Rocha, D., Aloise, D., Aloise, D. J., & Contardo, C. (2022). Visual attractiveness in vehicle routing via bi-objective optimization. Computers & Operations Research, 137, 105507 (14 pages). Restricted access

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