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Agard, B., Da Cunha, C., & Cheung, B. (2009). Composition of module stock for final assembly using an enhanced genetic algorithm. International Journal of Production Research, 47(20), 5829-5842. External link

Agard, B., & Cheung, B. (2006, May). Selection of a modules stock composition using genetic algorithm [Paper]. 12th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing (INCOM 2006), Saint-Etienne, France. External link


Cheung, B., Choy, K. L., Li, C. L., Shi, W. Z., & Tang, J. (2008). Dynamic Routing Model and Solution Methods for Fleet Management With Mobile Technologies. International Journal of Production Economics, 113(2), 694-705. External link

Chan, C. K., Li, L. Y. O., Ng, C. T., Cheung, B., & Langevin, A. (2006). Scheduling of Multi-Buyer Joint Replenishments. International Journal of Production Economics, 102(1), 132-142. External link

Cheung, B., Yuen, S. Y., & Fong, C. K. (2004, January). Enhancement in performance of genetic algorithm in the object location problem in computer vision [Paper]. 8th international conference on control, automation, robotics and vision, Kumming, China. External link

Chan, C. K., Cheung, B., & Langevin, A. (2003). Solving the multi-buyer joint replenishment problem with a modified genetic algorithm. Transportation Research. Part B, Methodological, 37(3), 291-299. External link

Chan, M.-C., Wong, C.-C., Tse, W. F., Cheung, B., & Tang, G. Y. N. (2002, August). Artificial intelligence in portfolio management [Paper]. 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning (IDEAL 2002), Manchester, UK. External link

Cheung, B., Langevin, A., & Villeneuve, B. (2001). High Performing Evolutionary Techniques for Solving Complex Location Problems in Industrial System Design. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 12(5-6), 455-466. External link

Chan, C.-K., Cheung, B., & Langevin, A. (2023, May). A modified genetic algorithm for the Joint Replenishment Problem (JRP) [Paper]. 3e Congrès international de génie industriel: L'intégration des ressources humaines et des technologies : le défi, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable

Cheung, B., & Langevin, A. (2023, May). A parallel evolutionary approach for solving integer and mixed nonlinear programming problems in engineering design [Paper]. 3e congrès international de génie industriel : L'intégration des ressources humaines et des technologies : le défi, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable

Cheung, B., Langevin, A., & Delmaire, H. (1997). Coupling genetic algorithm with a grid search method to solve mixed integer nonlinear programming problems. Computer & Mathematics with Applications, 34(12), 13-23. External link


Fung, H.-K., To, C., & Cheung, B. (2002). Activity interdependence among textile buying houses. Textile Asia, 33(4), 44-46. Unavailable


Hansen, P., Ngai, E., Cheung, B., & Mladenovic, N. (2005). Analysis of Global K-Means, an Incremental Heuristic for Minimum Sum-of-Squares Clustering. Journal of Classification, 22(2), 287-310. External link


Ngai, É. W. T., Cheung, B., Lam, S. S., & Ng, C. T. (2014). RFID value in aircraft parts supply chains: A case study. International Journal of Production Economics, 147(PART B), 330-339. External link


Yuen, S. Y., & Cheung, B. (2006). Bounds for Probability of Success of Classical Genetic Algorithm Based on Hamming Distance. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 10(1), 1-18. External link

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