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Hoemann, C. D., Gonzalez, J. R., Guzman-Morales, J., Chen, G., Jalali Dil, E., & Favis, B. D. (2022). Chitosan coatings with distinct innate immune bioactivities differentially stimulate angiogenesis, osteogenesis and chondrogenesis in poly-caprolactone scaffolds with controlled interconnecting pore size. Bioactive Materials, 10, 430-442. External link

Hoemann, C. D., Guzman-Morales, J., Picard, G., Chen, G., Veilleux, D., Chevrier, A., Sim, S., Garon, M., Quenneville, E., Lafantaisie-Favreau, C.-H., Buschmann, M. D., & Hurtig, M. B. (2020). Guided bone marrow stimulation for articular cartilage repair through a freeze-dried chitosan microparticle approach. Materialia, 9, 12 pages. External link

Hoemann, C. D., Lafantaisie-Favreau, C.-H., Lascau-Coman, V., Chen, G., & Guzmán-Morales, J. (2012). The Cartilage-Bone Interface. Journal of Knee Surgery, 25(02), 085-098. External link


Lafantaisie-Favreau, C.-H., Guzmán-Morales, J., Sun, J., Chen, G., Harris, A., Smith, T. D., Carli, A., Henderson, J., Stanish, W. D., & Hoemann, C. D. (2013). Subchondral pre-solidified chitosan/blood implants elicit reproducible early osteochondral wound-repair responses including neutrophil and stromal cell chemotaxis, bone resorption and repair, enhanced repair tissue integration and delayed matrix deposition. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 14. Available

Lafantaisie-Favreau, C.-H., Guzman-Morales, J., Sun, J., Chen, G., Harris, A., Smith, T. D., Carli, A., Henderson, J., Stanish, W. D., & Hoemann, C. D. (2013). Subchondral Pre-Solidified Chitosan/Blood Implants Elicit Reproducible Early Osteochondral Wound-Repair Responses Including Neutrophil and Stromal Cell Chemotaxis, Bone Resorption and Repair, Enhanced Repair Tissue Integration and Delayed Matrix Deposition. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 14. External link


Mehr, N. G., Li, X., Chen, G., Favis, B. D., & Hoemann, C. D. (2015). Pore size and LbL chitosan coating influence mesenchymal stem cell in vitro fibrosis and biomineralization in 3D porous poly(epsilon-caprolactone) scaffolds. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A, 103(7), 2449-2459. External link

Marchand, C., Chen, G., Tran-Khanh, N., Sun, J., Chen, H., Buschmann, M. D., & Hoemann, C. D. (2012). Microdrilled Cartilage Defects Treated With Thrombin-Solidified Chitosan/Blood Implant Regenerate a More Hyaline, Stable, and Structurally Integrated Osteochondral Unit Compared to Drilled Controls. Tissue Engineering Part A, 18(5-6), 508-519. External link

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