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Barca, C., Meyer, D., Liira, M., Drissen, P., Comeau, Y., Andres, Y., & Chazarenc, F. (2014). Steel slag filters to upgrade phosphorus removal in small wastewater treatment plants: Removal mechanisms and performance. Ecological Engineering, 68, 214-222. External link


Chazarenc, F., Filiatrault, M., Brisson, J., & Comeau, Y. (2010). Combination of slag, limestone and sedimentary apatite in columns for phosphorus removal from sludge fish farm effluents. Water, 2(3), 500-509. Available

Chazarenc, F., Naylor, S., Comeau, Y., Merlin, G., & Brisson, J. (2010). Modeling the effect of plants and peat on evapotranspiration in constructed wetlands. International Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2010, 1-6. Available


Grebenshchykova, Z., Forquet, N., Brisson, J., Lachapelle-T, X., Comeau, Y., & Chazarenc, F. (2023). Thermal properties of treatment wetlands operated under freezing conditions. Water Science and Technology, 88(8), 2054-2067. Available

Grebenshchykova, Z., Brisson, J., Chazarenc, F., & Comeau, Y. (2020). Two-year performance of single-stage vertical flow treatment wetlands planted with willows under cold-climate conditions. Ecological Engineering, 153. Available

Grebenshchykova, Z., Frédette, C., Chazarenc, F., Comeau, Y., & Brisson, J. (2020). Establishment and potential use of woody species in treatment wetlands. International Journal of Phytoremediation, 22(3), 295-304. External link


Houweling, D., Chazarenc, F., Leduc, R., & Comeau, Y. (2007). Effect of baffles on nitrification in aerated facultative lagoons in a cold climate. Waste Stabilization Ponds VII: Water Science and Technology, 55(11), 73-79. External link


Lefrancois, P., Puigagut, J., Chazarenc, F., & Comeau, Y. (2010). Minimizing phosphorus discharge from aquaculture earth ponds by a novel sediment retention system. Aquacultural Engineering, 43(3), 94-100. External link


Meyer, D., Chazarenc, F., Claveau-Mallet, D., Dittmer, U., Forquet, N., Molle, P., Morvannou, A., Palfy, T., Petitjean, A., Rizzo, A., Campa, R. S., Scholz, M., Soric, A., & Langergraber, G. (2015). Modelling constructed wetlands: Scopes and aims - a comparative review. Ecological Engineering, 80, 205-213. External link

Maltais-Landry, G., Chazarenc, F., Comeau, Y., Troesch, S., & Brisson, J. (2007). Effects of Artificial Aeration, Macrophyte Species, and Loading Rate on Removal Efficiency in Constructed Wetland Mesocosms Treating Fish Farm Wastewater. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science, 6(4), 409-414. External link


Ouellet-Plamondon, C., Chazarenc, F., Comeau, Y., & Brisson, J. (2006). Artificial Aeration to Increase Pollutant Removal Efficiency of Constructed Wetlands in Cold Climate. Ecological Engineering, 27(3), 258-264. External link


Puigagut, J., Chazarenc, F., & Comeau, Y. (2014). Influence of tubificid worms on nutrient fluxes across water-sediment interface in fish farm settling ponds. Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (413), 1-12. Available

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