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Chermat, R., Refet-Mollof, E., Kamio, Y., Carrier, J.-F., Wong, P., & Gervais, T. (2024). Brachytherapy on-a-chip: a clinically-relevant approach for radiotherapy testing in 3d biology. Lab on a Chip, 24, 2335-2346. External link

Chermat, R., Refet-Mollof, E., Kamio, Y., Carrier, J.-F., Wong, P., & Gervais, T. (2023, October). Brachytherapy-on-Chip: A Microfluidic Setup for In Vitro Interrogation of Hypoxic Spheroids [Poster]. 65th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO 2023), San Diego, CA, USA. Published in International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, 117(2). External link

Chermat, R., Ziaee, M., Mak, D. Y., Refet-Mollof, E., Rodier, F., Wong, P., Carrier, J.-F., Kamio, Y., & Gervais, T. (2022). Radiotherapy on-chip: microfluidics for translational radiation oncology. Lab on a Chip, 22(11), 2065-2079. External link


Grajales, D., Kadoury, S., Shams, R., Barkati, M., Delouya, G., Béliveau-Nadeau, D., Nicolas, B., Le, W. T., Benhacene-Boudam, M.-K., Juneau, D., DaSilva, J. N., Carrier, J.-F., Hautvast, G., & Ménard, C. (2022). Performance of an integrated multimodality image guidance and dose-planning system supporting tumor-targeted HDR brachytherapy for prostate cancer. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 166, 154-161. External link


Lopera, D. O. G., Picot, F., Shams, R., Dallaire, F., Sheehy, G., Alley, S., Barkati, M., Delouya, G., Carrier, J.-F., Birlea, M., Trudel, D., Leblond, F., Menard, C., & Kadoury, S. (2022). Image-guided Raman spectroscopy navigation system to improve transperineal prostate cancer detection. Part 2: in-vivo tumor-targeting using a classification model combining spectral and MRI-radiomics features. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 27(9), 095004 (16 pages). External link


Romaguera, L. V., Mezheritsky, T., Mansour, R., Carrier, J.-F., & Kadoury, S. (2021). Probabilistic 4D predictive model from in-room surrogates using conditional generative networks for image-guided radiotherapy. Medical Image Analysis, 74, 102250 (17 pages). External link

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