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Bjorn, A., Sim, S., King, H., Margni, M., Henderson, A. D., Payen, S., & Bulle, C. (2020). A comprehensive planetary boundary-based method for the nitrogen cycle in life cycle assessment: Development and application to a tomato production case study. Science of The Total Environment, 715, 16 pages. External link

Bjorn, A., Margni, M., Roy, P.-O., Bulle, C., & Hauschild, M. Z. (2016). A proposal to measure absolute environmental sustainability in life cycle assessment. Ecological Indicators, 63, 1-13. External link

Boulay, A.-M., Motoshita, M., Pfister, S., Bulle, C., Munoz, I., Franceschini, H., & Margni, M. (2015). Analysis of water use impact assessment methods (part A): evaluation of modeling choices based on a quantitative comparison of scarcity and human health indicators. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 20(1), 139-160. External link

Boulay, A.-M., Bayart, J.-B., Bulle, C., Franceschini, H., Motoshita, M., Muñoz, I., Pfister, S., & Margni, M. (2015). Analysis of water use impact assessment methods (part B): applicability for water footprinting and decision making with a laundry case study. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 20(6), 865-879. External link

Boulay, A.-M., Bulle, C., Bayart, J.-B., Deschênes, L., & Margni, M. (2011). Regional characterization of freshwater use in LCA: Modeling direct impacts on human health. Environmental Science and Technology, 45(20), 8948-8957. External link


Greffe, T., Margni, M., & Bulle, C. (2022). An instrumental value-based framework for assessing the damages of abiotic resources use in life cycle assessment. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 28(1), 53-69. External link


Hajjar, C., Bulle, C., & Boulay, A.-M. (2023). Life cycle impact assessment framework for assessing physical effects on biota of marine microplastics emissions. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 21 pages. External link

Hernández-Padilla, F., Margni, M., Noyola, A., Guereca-Hernandez, L., & Bulle, C. (2017). Assessing wastewater treatment in Latin America and the Caribbean: Enhancing life cycle assessment interpretation by regionalization and impact assessment sensibility. Journal of Cleaner Production, 142, 2140-2153. External link


Jolliet, O., Frischknecht, R., Bare, J., Boulay, A.-M., Bulle, C., Fantke, P., Gheewala, S., Hauschild, M., Itsubo, N., Margni, M., McKone, T. E., Mila y Canals, L., Posthuma, L., Prado-Lopez, V., Ridoutt, B., Sonnemann, G., Rosenbaum, R. K., Seager, T., Struijs, J., ... Weisbrod, A. (2014). Global guidance on environmental life cycle impact assessment indicators: findings of the scoping phase. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 19(4), 962-967. External link


Karimpour, S., Boulay, A.-M., & Bulle, C. (2021). Evaluation of sector-specific AWARE characterization factors for water scarcity footprint of electricity generation. Science of The Total Environment, 753, 12 pages. External link

Karim, R.-A., Deschênes, L., & Bulle, C. (2019). Regionalized aquatic ecotoxicity characterization factor for zinc emitted to soil accounting for speciation and the transfer through groundwater. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 24(11), 2008-2022. External link

Kounina, A., Margni, M., Shaked, S., Bulle, C., & Jolliet, O. (2014). Spatial analysis of toxic emissions in LCA: A sub-continental nested USEtox model with freshwater archetypes. Environment International, 69, 67-89. External link


Lemming, G., Hauschild, M. Z., Chambon, J., Binning, P. J., Bulle, C., Margni, M., & Bjerg, P. L. (2010). Environmental impacts of remediation of a trichloroethene-contaminated site: Life cycle assessment of remediation alternatives. Environmental Science and Technology, 44(23), 9163-9169. External link


Patouillard, L., Bulle, C., & Margni, M. (2016). Ready-to-use and advanced methodologies to prioritise the regionalisation effort in LCA. Materiaux et techniques, 104(1), 7 pages. External link

Pfister, S., Bare, J., Benini, L., Berger, M., Bulle, C., Lathuilliere, M., Manzardo, A., Margni, M., Motoshita, M., Núñez, M., Pastor, A. V., Ridoutt, B., Worbe, S., & Boulay, A.-M. (2015, October). Outcome of WULCA harmonization activities : recommended characterization factors for water footprinting [Presentation]. In 2015 International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment as Reference Methodology for Assessing Supply Chains and Supporting Global Sustainability Challenges : LCA for Feeding the Planet and Energy for Life, Stresa, Italy (19 pages). External link


Rezaei, F., Bulle, C., & Lesage, P. (2019). Integrating building information modeling and life cycle assessment in the early and detailed building design stages. Building and Environment, 153, 158-167. External link


Trottier, G., Turgeon, K., Boisclair, D., Bulle, C., & Margni, M. (2022). The impacts of hydropower on freshwater macroinvertebrate richness: A global meta-analysis. PLOS ONE, 17(8), e0273089 (18 pages). External link

Turgeon, K., Trottier, G., Turpin, C., Bulle, C., & Margni, M. (2021). Empirical characterization factors to be used in LCA and assessing the effects of hydropower on fish richness. Ecological Indicators, 121, 11 pages. External link


Zhang, Y., Liu, X., Patouillard, L., Margni, M., Bulle, C., Hua, H., & Yuan, Z. (2023). Remarkable Spatial Disparity of Life Cycle Inventory for Coal Production in China. Environmental Science & Technology, 57(41), 15443-15453. External link

Zhang, Y., Yuan, Z., Margni, M., Bulle, C., Hua, H., Jiang, S., & Liu, X. (2019). Intensive carbon dioxide emission of coal chemical industry in China. Applied Energy, 236, 540-550. External link

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