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Archetti, C., Desaulniers, G., & Speranza, M. G. (2017). Minimizing the logistic ratio in the inventory routing problem. EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics, 6(4), 289-306. External link

Archetti, C., Bianchessi, N., Hertz, A., Colombet, A., & Gagnon, F. (2012, August). Directed weighted improper coloring for cellular channel allocation [Paper]. 8th International Colloquium on Graphs and Optimization (GO VIII), Leukerbad, Switzerland. Published in Discrete Applied Mathematics, 182(19). External link

Archetti, C., Bianchessi, N., & Hertz, A. (2014). A branch-and-price algorithm for the robust graph coloring problem. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 165, 49-59. External link

Archetti, C., Bianchessi, N., Speranza, M. G., & Hertz, A. (2014). Incomplete service and split deliveries in a routing problem with profits. Networks, 63(2), 135-145. External link

Archetti, C., Bertazzi, L., Hertz, A., & Speranza, M. G. (2012). A Hybrid Heuristic for an Inventory Routing Problem. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 24(1), 101-116. External link

Archetti, C., Feillet, D., Hertz, A., & Speranza, M. G. (2010). The undirected capacitated arc routing problem with profits. Computers & Operations Research, 37(11), 1860-1869. External link


Cote, J.-F., Archetti, C., Speranza, M. G., Gendreau, M., & Potvin, J.-Y. (2012). A branch-and-cut algorithm for the pickup and delivery traveling salesman problem with multiple stacks. Networks, 60(4), 212-226. External link


Lodi, A., Tubertini, P., Grilli, R., & Senese, F. (2014, May). Tactical versus operational discrete event simulation: a breast screening case study [Paper]. 28th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS 2014), Brescia, Italy. External link

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