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Adibnia, V., Mirbagheri, M., Salimi, S., De Crescenzo, G., & Banquy, X. (2020). Nonspecific interactions in biomedical applications. Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science, 47, 70-83. External link

Adibnia, V., Olszewski, M., De Crescenzo, G., Matyjaszewski, K., & Banquy, X. (2020). Superlubricity of zwitterionic bottlebrush polymers in the presence of multivalent ions. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142(35), 14843-14847. External link

Adibnia, V., Shrestha, B. R., Mirbagheri, M., Murschel, F., De Crescenzo, G., & Banquy, X. (2019). Electrostatic Screening Length in "soft" Electrolyte Solutions. ACS Macro Letters, 8(8), 1017-1021. External link

Adibnia, V., Mirbagheri, M., Latreille, P.-L., De Crescenzo, G., Rochefort, D., & Banquy, X. (2019). Interfacial Forces across Ionic Liquid Solutions: Effects of Ion Concentration and Water Domains. Langmuir, 35(48), 15585-15591. External link


Xia, Y., Adibnia, V., Huang, R., Murschel, F., Faivre, J., Xie, G., Olszewski, M., De Crescenzo, G., Qi, W., He, Z., Su, R., Matyjaszewski, K., & Banquy, X. (2019). Biomimetic Bottlebrush Polymer Coatings for Fabrication of Ultralow Fouling Surfaces. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 58(5), 1308-1314. External link

Xia, Y., Adibnia, V., Shan, C., Huang, R., Qi, W., He, Z., Xie, G., Olszewski, M., De Crescenzo, G., Matyjaszewski, K., Banquy, X., & Su, R. (2019). Synergy between Zwitterionic Polymers and Hyaluronic Acid Enhances Antifouling Performance. Langmuir, 35(48), 15535-15542. External link

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