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Effect of ozonation on anaerobic digestion sludge activity and viability

Jaime Alexis Chacana Olivares, Sanaz Alizadeh, Marc-André Labelle, Antoine Laporte, Jalal Hawari and Yves Comeau

Article (2017)

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Cite this document: Chacana Olivares, J. A., Alizadeh, S., Labelle, M.-A., Laporte, A., Hawari, J. & Comeau, Y. (2017). Effect of ozonation on anaerobic digestion sludge activity and viability. Chemosphere, 176, p. 405-411. doi:10.1016/j.chemosphere.2017.02.108
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The effect of ozonation of anaerobic digested sludge on methane production was studied as a means of increasing the capacity of municipal anaerobic digesters. Ozone doses ranging from 0 to 192 mg O3/g sludge COD were evaluated in batch tests with a bench scale ozonation unit. Ozonation initially, and temporarily, reduced biomass viability and acetoclastic methanogenic activity, resulting in an initial lag phase ranging from 0.8 to 10 days. Following this lag phase, ozonation enhanced methane production with an optimal methane yield attained at 86 mg O3/g COD. Under these conditions, the yield of methane and the rate of its formation were 52% and 95% higher, respectively, than those factors measured without ozonation. A required optimal ozone dose could be feasible to improve the anaerobic digestion performance by increasing the methane production potential with a minimum impact on microbial activity; thus, an optimal ozone dose would enable an increase in the capacity of anaerobic digesters.

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Anaerobic digestion; Sludge; Ozone; Extracellular polymeric substances; Mechanisms

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Journal Title: Chemosphere (vol. 176)
Publisher: Elsevier
Official URL: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chemosphere.2017.02.108


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