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Elaboration of AL2O3-based graphite containing castables

Ningsheng Zhou

PhD thesis (2000)

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Three approches to incorporate graphite -- Micro-pelletized graphite -- Briquetted alumina-graphite (BAG) -- TiO[indice inférieur 2] coated flake graphite (CFG) -- Evidence of improved hydrophilicity of the treated graphite -- Experimental procedure -- Investigation on the A1[indice inférieure 2] O[indice inférieur 3] -- SiC-C castables -- Optimization of the A1[indice inférieur2] O[indice inférieur3] -- MGO castables -- Investigation and elaboration of A1[indice inférieur2] O[indice inférieur3] -- MgO-C castables.

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