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Early development of an energetic biodegradable thermoset elastomer

Claudia Cossu

Masters thesis (2009)

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Biodegradable energetic elastomers -- Historical development of biodegradable polyurethane elastomers -- Synthesis of the polyol -- Properties of the polyol -- Chemistry of polyols -- Raw materials for the synthesis -- Energetic polyol -- Synthesis of polyurethane elastomers -- Raw materials for the synthesis -- Chemistry of polyurethane -- Mechanical properties of polyurethane elastomers -- Definition of biodegrable materials -- Mechanisms of biodegradation -- Measuring biodegradation of polymers -- Experimental methodology -- Materials -- Polyesterification reaction -- Purification of polyepichlorohydrin -- Direct polycondensation -- Polycondensation with diacid dichlorides -- Azidation of the copolymer -- Prepolymer characterization -- Polyurethane formulations -- Polyurethane characterization -- Water uptake -- DMA analysis -- Composting of the elastomers -- Preparation and characterisation of the compost -- Evaluations of the biodegradation of the compost -- Early development of a biodegradable energetic polymer -- Early development of a biodegradable energetic elastomer -- Experimental -- Synthesis of the co-poly (ester/ether) -- Azidation of the co-poly(ester/ether) -- Characterization of the co-poly(ester/ether) -- Synthesis of thermoset polyurethane elastomers -- Characterization of the thermoset polyurethane elastomers -- Biodegradation analysis -- Biodegradation in the compost of the energetic and non-energetic polyurethane binders -- Development of biodegrable energetic elastomers -- Synthesis of polyurethane elastomer and biodegradation analysis -- Protocole expérimental pour la dégradation du PLA -- Characterization of the compost -- LVE regions of Polyurethane networks.

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Produits biodégradables; Thermodurcissables biodégradables; Élastomères

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