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Items published in "2003"

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Cho, B. U., Garnier, G., Perrier, M., & van de ven Theo, G. M. (2003, January). Parameters affecting paper formation on a pilot fourdrinier using CPAM/bentonite retention aids [Paper]. International paper and coating chemistry symposium. Unavailable

Comeau, Y., Petersen, B., Stuart, P. R., Perrier, M., Graff, S., & Asselin, C. (2003). Activated Sludge Yield Reduction by the Low Sludge Production (LSP) Process: Results Are Promising. Pulp & Paper-Canada, 104(8), 40-42. Unavailable


Dabros, M., Perrier, M., Forbes, F., Fairbank, M., & Stuart, P. R. (2003, January). Improving the broke recirculation strategy in a newsprint mill [Paper]. Prepr. Pap., Annu. Meet. - Pulp Pap. Tech. Assoc. Can., 89th, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable


Guay, M., Dochain, D., & Perrier, M. (2003, December). Adaptative extremum seeking nonisothermal continuous stirred tank reactors with temperature constraints [Paper]. IEEE conference on decision and control CDC, Maui, HI, USA. External link


Henry, O., Perrier, M., & Kamen, A. (2003, September). Optimization of adenovirus production in perfusion cultures using an ultrasonic retention device [Paper]. 6th Conference on Protein Expression in Animal Cells, Mont-Tremblant. Unavailable


Jolicoeur, M., Bouchard-Marchand, E., Becard, G., & Perrier, M. (2003). Erratum: Regulation of mycorrhizal symbiosis: Development of a structured nutritional dual model. Ecological Modelling, 163(3), 247-267. External link


Lama, I., Perrier, M., & Stuart, P. R. (2003). Applying Controllability Techniques to Analyze a White Water Network for Improved Productivity in Integrated Newsprint Mills. Resources Conservation and Recycling, 37(3), 181-192. External link


Ouellet, N., Perrier, M., & Bertrand, F. (2003, January). An on-line estimator for the non-saturated hydraulic conductivity characterizing water infiltration into soil [Paper]. 53th CSChE Annual Conference, Hamilton, ON, Canada. Unavailable


Renou, S., Perrier, M., Dochain, D., & Gendron, S. (2003). Solution of the convection-dispersion-reaction equation by a sequencing method. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 27(5), 615-629. External link


Schoefs, O., Dochain, D., Chapuis, R. P., Samson, R., & Perrier, M. (2003, August). Identification and On-Line Estimation of the Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity in Presence of Forced Air Convection Based on a Distributed-Parameter Model [Paper]. 13th IFAC Symposium on System Identification (SYSID 2003), Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Published in IFAC Proceedings, 36(16). External link

Schoefs, O., Dochain, D., Perrier, M., & Samson, R. (2003). Estimation of the Hydrodynamic and Biokinetic Models of Soil Bioremediation Processes. Chemical Engineering Research & Design, 81(9), 1279-1288. External link

Schoefs, O., Perrier, M., Dochain, D., & Samson, R. (2003). On-Line Estimation of Biodegradation in an Unsaturated Soil. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, 26(1), 37-48. External link


Wills, A. G., Heath, W. P., & Perrier, M. (2003). Commande prédictive linéaire: application au raffinage d'huiles alimentaires. In Flaus, J.-M., & Boillereaux, L. (eds.), Automatique des procédés agro-alimentaire (Vol. 2, 21-43). Unavailable

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