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Artigues, C., Gendreau, M., Rousseau, L.-M., & Vergnaud, A. (2009). Solving and integrated employee timetabling and job-shop scheduling problem via hybrid branch-and -bound. Computers & Operations Research, 36(8), 2330-2340. External link


Barajas, M., & Agard, B. (2009). A methodology to form product families through fuzzy product configuration. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-30). External link

Barajas, M., & Agard, B. (2009, May). Product family design applying fuzzy logic [Paper]. Conférence annuelle du CIRRELT, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable

Barajas, M., & Agard, B. (2009). The use of fuzzy logic in product family development: Literature review and opportunities. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-31). External link

Baud-Lavigne, B., Agard, B., & Penz, B. (2009, May). Développement d'un outil d'aide à la décision pour la conception intégrée d'une chaîne logistique [Paper]. Conférence annuelle du CIRRELT, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable

Belbekkouche, A., Hafid, A., Tagmouti, M., & Gendreau, M. (2009, November). An Absolute and Fair QoS Differentiation Scheme for DWDM OBS Networks [Paper]. IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM 2009), Honolulu, HI, USA (7 pages). External link


Côté, J.-F., Gendreau, M., & Potvin, J.-Y. (2009). Large neighborhood search for the single vehicle pickup and delivery problem with multiple loading stacks. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-47). External link

Crainic, T. G., Fu, X., Gendreau, M., Rei, W., & Wallace, S. W. (2009). Progressive hedging-based meta-heuristics for stochastic network design. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-03). External link

Crainic, T. G., Gendreau, M., Rekik, M., & Robert, J. (2009). Cost allocations in combinatorial auctions for bilateral procurement markets. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-59). External link


El Hadj Khalaf, R., Agard, B., & Penz, B. (2009, May). Définition des nomenclatures et des sources d'approvisionnement pour la fabrication d'une famille de produits [Paper]. Conférence annuelle du CIRRELT, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable

El-Hadj-Khalaf, R., Agard, B., & Penz, B. (2009). Joint design of product family and supply chain: Between diversity and standardization. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-32). External link

El-Hadj-Khalaf, R., Agard, B., & Penz, B. (2009). An Optimization Method for the Simultaneous Design of a Product Family and its Related Supply Chain Using a Taboo Search Algorithm. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-35). External link


Forget, P., D'Amours, S., Frayret, J.-M., & Gaudreault, J. (2009). Study of the performance of multi-behaviour agents for supply chain planning. Computers in Industry, 60(9), 698-708. External link


Gaudreault, J., Forget, P., Frayret, J.-M., Rousseau, A., & D'Amours, S. (2009). Distributed Operations Planning in the Lumber Supply Chain: Models and Coordination. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-07). External link

Gendreau, M., El Hachemi, N., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2009, July). A hybrid LS/CP approach to solve the weekly log-truck scheduling problem [Paper]. 8th Metaheuristic International Conference (MIC 2009), Hamburg, Germany (10 pages). Unavailable


Heilporn, G., Labbé, M., Marcotte, P., & Savard, G. (2009). A parallel between two classes of pricing problems in transportation and economics. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-01). External link

Heilporn, G., Labbé, M., Marcotte, P., & Savard, G. (2009). Valid Inequalities and Branch-and-Cut for the Clique Pricing Problem. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-24). External link


Kouki, R., Poulin, D., & Pellerin, R. (2009). Determining factors of ERP assimilation: Exploratory findings from a developed and a developing country. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-10). External link


Le, T. T. H., & Agard, B. (2009, May). Intégration les techniques de Data Mining et des S.I.G. pour l'analyse du marché des meubles aux États-Unis [Paper]. Conférence annuelle du CIRRELT, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable


Malapert, A., Cambazard, H., Guéret, C., Jussien, N., Langevin, A., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2009). Constraint Programming Approach to the Open-Shop Problem. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-25). External link


Ouzineb, M., Nour El Fath, M., & Gendreau, M. (2009). An efficient heuristic for reliability design optimization problems. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-05). External link

Ouzineb, M., Nour El Fath, M., & Gendreau, M. (2009). A heuristic method for non-homogeneous redundancy optimization of series-parallel multi-state systems. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-06). External link


Pelletier, M.-P., Trépanier, M., & Morency, C. (2009). Smart card data in public transit planning: A review. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-46). External link


Rezgui, J., Hafid, A., Gendreau, M., & Rong, B. (2009, December). Congestion-Aware Clique-Based Handoff in Wireless Mesh Networks [Paper]. 5th International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, Fujian, China (8 pages). External link


Santa-Eulalia, L. A., Ait-Kadi, D., D'Amours, S., Frayret, J.-M., & Lemieux, S. (2009). Agent-based experimental investigations of the robustness of tactical planning and control policies in a softwood lumber supply chain. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-49). External link


Tagmouti, M., Gendreau, M., & Potvin, J.-Y. (2009). A Dynamic Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with Time-Dependent Service Costs. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-19). External link

Trépanier, M., Leroux, M.-H., & De Marcellis-Warin, N. (2009). Cross-analysis of hazmat road accidents using multiple databases. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 41(6), 1192-1198. External link


Zhu, E., Crainic, T. G., & Gendreau, M. (2009). Integrated service network design for rail freight transportation. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2009-45). External link

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